[Trending] 20 Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe In

Flat earth, Illuminati, fake moon landing – these are the things that come to most people’s minds when you think about conspiracy theories. ...

Flat earth, Illuminati, fake moon landing – these are the things that come to most people’s minds when you think about conspiracy theories. Although these are definitely the biggest theories out there and they gather the biggest number of believers, there are other stories that many would call absurd, unbelievable or just stupid. This list compiled by Bored Panda shares the craziest and most unbelievable conspiracy theories around the world, and no matter how absurd some of them may be, there are still people in this world who actually believe them. Scroll down to read some of the weirdest theories you have ever seen, and make sure to tell us what you think in the comments! Also, do not forget to put on your tin foil hat before reading this post.

Poisonous Government Snow

This conspiracy theory first became popular in Georgia where, after a two inches of snow in Atlanta, people started to notice something rather odd about the way the snow reacted to heat. The video shows people trying to melt the snow with blow torches but it simply wouldn’t. Many people started to believe that this was the way the government was spreading chemicals while pretending it was just frozen water. The reasons behind the government might want to poison the entire state of Georgia were not explained. Many people online jumped to the snow and the government’s defense, explaining that snow turning black instead of melting is an entirely natural phenomenon caused by the same chemical element that fills up a lighter – known as Butane. But what about the water? Where does it go? Well, the water goes inside the snowball, because as the water is melting the snowball, the snowball is absorbing the water.

Invasion of the Lizard People

According to conspiracy theorist David Icke, reptilian humanoids from the Alpha Draconis star system are responsible for a worldwide conspiracy against humanity. According to him, throughout history the world’s most famous dynasties and families are working alongside these shapeshifting reptilians; the list of these accomplices include: the Merovingian dynasty, the Rothschilds, the Bush family and the British Royal family. What’s even weirder is that the amount of people who believe in this conspiracy theory is not as small as you’d think, back in 2013 Public Policy Polling in America indicated that 4% of registered voters believed in David Icke’s theory.
Here’s one of the videos where it seems that news reporter is visibly acting like a reptilian(?), well you be the judge.

Phantom time hypothesis

This historical conspiracy theory was first published in 1991 and it basically states that 297 years of our history didn’t exist. Heribert Illig, the author of this conspiracy, believes that the events from 614 to 911 have been faked, that includes the entire Carolingian period and the figure of Charlemagne. According to Illig, one of the main reasons we shouldn’t believe these 297 years actually took place is the scarcity of archeological evidence from that period of time. Although there are many people who believe this theory, (again, no distinct reason why anyone would be interested in adding those years), historians rejected Illig’s proposals.

The Moon Does Not Exist

This one is rather simple yet there is, once again, no real explanation as to why anyone would be interested in continuing such a huge lie for centuries. According to this conspiracy theory the moon does not exist and it is only a hologram created to fool everyone on earth. There are some videos online that try to prove it, but the evidence is rather weak.

Avril Lavigne was replaced by a clone named Melissa

A conspiracy that started on a Brazilian fan website claims that at the beginning of her career Avril Lavigne used a body double whose name is Melissa. Apparently, the singer passed away back in 2003 and the producers were keen to use Mellisa as the new Avril Lavigne. One piece of evidence to this conspiracy theory is the sudden change of Avril’s style (the “real” Avril preferred tomboy looks, and Melissa is definitely more girly). Some fans even believe that there are clues in the songs about Melissa becoming the new Avril Lavigne, such as the lyrics in the song “Slip Away” where she sings ““The day you slipped away was the day I found it won’t be the same”, there is also a creepy photo of Avril where she has the name “Melissa” written on her hand. Weirdly enough, this conspiracy theory has more evidence than most of the other conspiracies in this list. Makes you think.

Australia doesn’t exist

Back in 2017, a now-deleted Facebook post went viral with over 20,000 people sharing it. The post stated, that Australia is one of the biggest hoaxes ever created in our society. The theory states that the whole continent of Australia was actually invented by Britain in order to kill ten thousands of convicts instead of sending them to the other side of the world. But what about the Australians you know and consider your friends? Well, they are paid actors. What if you’re an Australian yourself? I really hope they are paying you well enough to keep this a secret.

Obama is Malcolm X’s son

Who could have thought that America’s human rights activist Malcolm X could be the father of former president of the United States Barack Obama? Most of you would probably say that this doesn’t make sense and nobody believes this absurd theory. Well, according to Dr. Phil Valentine, who considers himself to be a meta-physicist, mathematician and educator, Obama’s and Malcolm X’s similarities are so striking, we have to believe they are father and son. This conspiracy theory has multiple videos that are more than 1 hour long where Valentine explains the truth about Barack Obama.

NASA invented thunder in order to hide ongoing space battles

Some conspiracy theorists believe that thunderstorms are created by NASA to cover up the sounds of space battles. And even though it’s impossible to hear anything that happens in space, since there is no medium that the sound can travel through (such as air), there are still many people who believe such a powerful natural force is actually NASA’s cover-up. This theory quickly became a joke to many Internet users who mocked the absurd idea, but there are still people around us who believe this might be real.

Finland doesn’t exist

This theory states that during the Cold War, Russia and Japan created Finland in order to secure fishing rights in the open waters. It is believed that these two countries meticulously created maps, history and tour guides in order to hide the fact that the current area known as Finland is actually just the Baltic Sea. One proof why Finland doesn’t exist is the fact that the country’s population is only 0.9% of the entire world’s popularion, which is so small it can easily be 0% within the margin of error.

Paul McCartney was replaced

Also known as the “Paul Is Dead” theory, it claims that The Beatles’ bass guitarist and vocalist actually passed away in 1969, and was replaced by a look-a-like. It all started with a rumor that McCartney had passed away in a traffic accident and it later escalated into a theory that the band was trying to hide the fact that Paul is dead. What seemed to be a small theory became a theme of many articles in various newspapers. In 1993, McCartney joked about this theory in his live album titling it Paul is Live.

Hillary’s Campaign Logo Is A Reference To 9/11!

People all over Twitter believe that Hillary Clinton has something to do with the tragic events of 9/11. You may ask: what proof do they have? Well, it’s simply because her campaign logo somehow reminds people of 9/11. The theory spread after one newspaper noticed the ‘odd similarities’ and posted the logo on Twitter. Although many believe it has a hidden meaning, some people couldn’t help themselves and pointed out that the logo actually symbolizes, surprisingly enough, the letter H that stands for her name, Hillary. Simply shocking.

April Is The Government’s Blood Sacrifice Season

Some people noticed that, oddly enough, a huge amount of tragedies happen during the month of April. According to these people, April is actually the Government’s Blood Sacrifice Season and during this month the government performs sacrifices to the demon god Baal and then later disguises these sacrifices as tragedies. Since many tragedies tend to happen around the same time in mid-April, even CNN has published an article questioning this tragic and unexplainable coincidence. Weirdly enough, mid-April has actually been the period of sacrifice throughout many civilizations, and the Cult of Baal used to worship their god of sun and fertility by sacrificing humans and fire. Conspiracy theorists believe that this horrible tradition is continued by the government in the form of gun fires, explosions and death.

Barack Obama could control the weather

After the tragic events of Hurricane Sandy, some newspapers started spreading the message that this event might have been engineered by none other than Barack Obama. It was believed that the president used The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program to create the hurricane, and some people even spoke about this being a way for the president to be reelected. Conspiracy theorists also claim that the government uses the Alaska-based program to change the weather using electromagnetic waves, which basically means that Obama controlled the weather.

American Pie by Don McLean predicts Satanic-Communist Takeover

Some theorists believe that the famous song that goes “Bye bye, Miss American Pie” actually predicts the Satanic-Communist Takeover of the United States. If you need to, you can read it again, because yes, some people truly believe this statement makes perfect sense if you read into the lyrics. A blog entry dedicated to analyzing this song states that “As soon as I read those words the song “American Pie” jumped into my head and it occurred to me that maybe what the song was about was the take-over of America by foreign elements. Upon looking up and reading the lyrics my suspicion was more than confirmed.” The song actually has many crazy theories surrounding it, such as – it is a song about the destruction of America, it’s about the assassination of JFK, and also it hints at the death of God. Well even though it is definitely an iconic song with a rather deep meaning, we doubt it had anything to do with a Satanic-Communist Takeover.

Elvis Presley is still alive

Oh, how many of us would love for this to be true, just to be able to hear the most iconic songs in human history sung again by none other than Elvis Presley. Well, it’s hard to say if these people are the biggest Presley fans and they just can’t get used to the fact that, unfortunately, the singer passed away many years ago, or if these people are actually telling us to open our eyes and notice there is a very big chance the iconic singer is actually still alive. Some fans even claim that there are more facts proving that he’s alive than that he’s dead. The theory became more popular after one fan claimed she received a call from Elvis saying that he’s alive and well. Other clues that led people to believe the singer did not pass away is the incomplete medical examiner’s report, unsigned will, and a body in a coffin that appeared to be sweating and was possibly made of wax.

Stonehenge was built by the aliens

While scientists can’t seem to find an explanation on how somebody without any engineering knowledge managed to move stones that weigh 50 tons, some people think that the answer is pretty simple we just refuse to accept it. According to Erich von Däniken, the author of the book “Chariots of the Gods?” who claims that ‘many ancient megastructures such as Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Moai heads of Easter Island were built using know-how passed down from God-like aliens to mankind.”

Prince Charles is a vampire

People seemed to believe this theory because according to the genealogy records, Prince Charles might have descended from Vlad the Impaler who was the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The Prince even appeared in Romania’s National Tourist Office Ad where he claimed that “Transylvania is in my blood” and joked about being the descendant of Vlad The Impaler, which sparked even more conspiracies. Later, in 2017, the Prince was offered the title of ‘Prince of Transylvania’ because of his links to the region and promotion of Transylvania as a tourist destination. All of these facts make many people believe that the Prince might actually be a vampire. What makes matters worse is the condition called Porphyria, common amongst royals, which is caused by iron-deficiency and makes a person’s skin sensitive to daylight. However, there is no proof that Prince Charles has Porphyria.

Nigeria’s president is a clone

A rumor went around on the Internet for months claiming that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has been cloned. Others believed that the president was replaced by a look-a-like from Sudan called Jubril. Even though this had no proof at all, many videos claiming these theories have been watched thousands of times. This conspiracy may have something to do with presidential elections that Buhari won for a second time back in February. Even though the theory seems absurd, the president did take time to tell people that it’s really him and he hasn’t been cloned or replaced by a look-a-like, “It’s the real me, I assure you. I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday and I will still go strong,” said Buhari.

Chemicals in the water are turning people gay

Conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones is famous for his unbelievable theories as well as public statements that many wouldn’t agree with. Apart from being anti-vaxx, pro-guns and a believer that government actually controls the weather, he also claimed that the government is putting chemicals in the water that are turning people into homosexuals. He later changed his theory by saying that the chemical also known as the “gay bomb” is even turning the frogs gay.

Jay-Z is an immortal time-traveling vampire who is a part of Illuminati

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