[Trending] Guy Tweets Sexist List That Explains How To Be A ‘Beautiful Woman’ And It Backfires Immediately

For the unlucky in love women searching for their perfect match on Tinder , perhaps the problem is not the men out there but you. But don’t ...

For the unlucky in love women searching for their perfect match on Tinder, perhaps the problem is not the men out there but you. But don’t worry self-proclaimed “trainer,” “writer,” and “speaker,” Alexander J.A Cortes has all the answers with his 12 tips on ‘How to be a beautiful woman.” The most recent tweet from the controversial Tweeter, known for his misogynistic views, stirred up outrage among women across the internet after Cores laid out detailed instructions on superficial ways they could make themselves more appealing to men – and this was not the first time.

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The Tweet storm began with an outline laying out a 12 point outline that listed the tips: be thin, be able to cook, have long hair wear make-up, be feminine, be graceful, be sensual. shave (should go without saying), be fashionable, wear pink and feminine colors, love men, listen to men,” followed up with a simple, “stay classy ladies!”

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Bored Panda previously reported on internet backlash from Cortes after he tweeted out about the dangers of women with “unnatural hair colors,” which he stated was a “warning signal to stay away.” The writer has made a name for himself by publishing misogynistic instructions on “how to be a feminine and beautiful women,” which he publishes on his website’s newsletter page.

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In the thread Cortes writes that the tips were not just intended for women but for other men as a way to “vet women,” and states, “If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know they are harpies* that you never want to breed with.”

(harpy: a grasping, unpleasant woman)

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Cortes then switches the thread to himself and states, “I see a lot of you women are desperate for my validation and attention,” attaching a selfie along with the tweet. According to Psychology Today, this behavior falls under the signs of a narcissist: “Some narcissists have an exaggerated sense of self-importance, believing that others cannot live or survive without his or her magnificent contributions.”

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Other traits include stirring negative emotions i.e via tweets: “Many narcissists enjoy spreading and arousing negative emotions to gain attention, feel powerful, and keep you insecure and off-balance. They are easily upset at any real or perceived slights or inattentiveness.”

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Image credits: AJA_Cortes

But Cortes is not one-of-a-kind, there are many men out there that share his views. One of them created a list that mimics his own, which he re-tweeted with the caption, “one day you might want to get married, your wife value will matter, there is a roadmap for this as well.”

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The man he re-tweeted is Hunter Drew, who describes himself as a “husband, patriarch, veteran, speaker and writer.” His list variation included things that Cortes hadn’t written such as, “ditch bitch friends, love your family more than job, care for your kids and listen to your husband.”

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As was clear from the list many of Cortes’s tips focused on physical appearance, namely being thin. However, despite his know-it-all attitude the “trainer’s” tips don’t match up with what science has to say on the topic. According to studies across the board on what makes the “perfect” woman the answer is curves, curves and more curves. Why? – evolution.

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Studies done by Dr. David Lewis, a psychologist at Bilkent University in Turkey said that women with a curve at the base of their spine of 45.5 degrees is attractive for most men – or in none scientific terms – J-Lo. This is because in caveman days this curvy spine would have made it easier for women to go out and forage for food during pregnancy.  “Men may be directing their attention to the bottom and obtaining information about women’s spines, even if they are unaware that that’s what they’re doing,” stated Lewis.

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But (no pun intended) this is not the only study that proves Cortes has no clue what he’s talking about. In Hunter Drew’s tweets he talked about taking care of kids, well turns out, the ideal form for having kids is an hourglass figure.

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Scarlett Johansson is the perfect example of what scientists say is the ideal waist circumference for having children. Studies. It was found in the study that women with higher breast to under-breast ratios (large breasts) or low waist to hip ratio (WHR) had higher hormone levels.

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Other studies also found the body mass 20 to 21 ( that of actress Kate Winslet) was the ideal. Professor David Perrett of the Perception Lab at St Andrews University, the lead researcher on a study about body perception said, ‘This sends out a strong message to all the girls out there who believe you have to be underweight to be attractive.”

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Image credits: AJA_Cortes

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Image credits: AJA_Cortes

As you can imagine people in the comments had plenty to say

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And even created lists of their own for men

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