[Trending] 63 Times People Were Pleasantly Surprised To Find Cats And Dogs In Their Airbnb Apartments

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and take a solo vacation – but as social creatures sometimes isolation sounds better in theo...

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and take a solo vacation – but as social creatures sometimes isolation sounds better in theory. Luckily for the people on this list they had some furry companions to keep them company during their Airbnb stay. These sweet dogs and cats may have been better hosts than their owners were, providing services such as all-night cuddles, slobbery greetings upon arrival, ear licks and standing guard over the property while you enjoyed your holiday. Yes, there is no doubt that all of the people at these listings served up 5 stars for their four-legged hosts – which, as you will see, was well deserved. Scroll down below to see some of the unofficial ‘superhosts’ on Airbnb and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

Staying At An Airbnb And I Woke Up To Their Kitten This Morning Licking My Face. Instant 5 Star Review

Image credits: Tan-zania

This London Pupper Hopped On My Lap The Second I Got To The Airbnb. 12/10 Good Boy.

Image credits: zeabasharani

My Airbnb Came With A Surprise Guest

Image credits: lexaquin

Heard A Lot Of Airbnb Horror Stories. This Is Not One Of Them.

Image credits: ishitmypantsagain

Our Landlord For The Weekend At Our Airbnb

Image credits: chornu

I Rented A Place Off Airbnb And It Said There Were A Few Dogs On The Property. This Little Fella Was One Of Them. Best Rental Ever

Image credits: dertigo

Arrived Back At My Airbnb In Japan To Find This In My Bed

Image credits: Pinionedspiral

The Airbnb I Stayed At A Couple Months Ago Had The Sweetest Cat

Image credits: LMyers92

This Is Burger, Our Airbnb Host For Our Stay In Tromsø Last Month. He Likes Licking Ears.

Image credits: Laxran

First Time Airbnb… Never Saw This Cutie Before. Slept The Whole Night On My Blanket :)

Image credits: _jery_

Kitty In An Airbnb In Málaga, Spain. “Juana”

Image credits: boldtonic

Found Them Asleep On The Patio Of Our Airbnb

Image credits: chuckfatale

Our Airbnb Came With Jeff At No Extra Charge.

Image credits: mkdevo

My Airbnb Roommate!


Woke Up Next To This Guy At An Airbnb Room I’m Staying At.

Image credits: Chispy

(V2) Airbnb Host Was Concerned I Would Cancel Because He Had Puppies. Instead, I Stayed An Extra Week!

Image credits: G65Mondo

My Airbnb Host Has A Dog. I Got Up To The Bathroom, Came Back To This

Image credits: Agu_Quintos

Last Month We Hit The Airbnb Jackpot

Image credits: maigrun

Staying At A Airbnb In Puerto Vallarta. They Failed To Mention The Best Feature Of The House!

Image credits: ImAGirafffeAMA

One Of The Hosts Of Our Airbnb Came Down To Greet Us This Morning

Image credits: machambo7

Staying At An Airbnb In Rural Idaho. This Pup Has Been Coming Over To Greet Us And Hang Out Every Day.

Image credits: feral_crapulence

My Airbnb Has The Most Polite Cat Ever

Image credits: aesselman0830

Our Airbnb Came With A Flying Dog!

Image credits: bliss01

The Guard Dog At An Airbnb I Stayed At

Image credits: arcticdonkeys

My Airbnb Host Also Has Dogs; Rescued Huskies!

Image credits: Crazee108

My Paris Airbnb Came With A Kitten Roommate. Meet Zeus!

Image credits: zillijmarie

This Guy Greeted Me When I Arrived At My Airbnb

Image credits: egm94

My Airbnb Roommate

Image credits: beerorist

The Neighbor’s Dog Of The Airbnb I’m Staying At Likes To Visit

Image credits: alexdccx

My Airbnb Host Likes To Meditate

Image credits: pruboo

This Majestic Beast At My Airbnb.

Image credits: pretty_dreams

Leonidas At Our Airbnb Has Been Comforting Us While We Got Away From Hurricane Florence

Image credits: Sharkolantern

Away For Work And Missing My Pupper, Luckily My Airbnb Host Has This Beautiful Creature. Reddit, Meet Luna.

Image credits: DasGolem

Our Airbnb Came With This Friendly Guy

Image credits: iSweetPea

I’m Staying At An Airbnb And Something Is Clogging Up The Sink.

Image credits: He_Abides

We Are Staying At An Airbnb In France That Has Two Cats. This Is How We Were Greeted, And Yes That Is The House Instructions

Image credits: baconeyes

When The Airbnb You Book Comes With The Cutest Puppies.

Image credits: Peterrtt

The Airbnb Im Staying At In Bilbao Comes With These Gorgeous Fur Balls

Image credits: idsg

My Airbnb Came With This Little Guy Who Lives On The Property

Image credits: Z_as_in_Zebra

At An Airbnb This Weekend. It Also Came With Pearl, A 23-Year-Old, Three Legged Cat. She Looks Grumpy, But Is An Absolute Sweetheart.

Image credits: Charming_geek

The Airbnb Host Dog, Woodruff, Required Pets And Scratches Before We Were Allowed To Leave.

Image credits: Chipothy

My Airbnb Has A Bellhop Now

Image credits: 3magdnim

Staying At An Airbnb On A Farm, $22/Night And All The Animals You Can Pet.

Image credits: ajbajo01

This Bengal Cat At My Airbnb

Image credits: ticknosto

My Airbnb Host In Amsterdam, Her Name Is Puss

Image credits: Potatasium

Our Airbnb Also Came With A Small Surprise. Meet Beatrice!

Image credits: xXIJoshyIXx

Yesterday My Airbnb Rental’s Dog Came By

Image credits: etnguyen03

Staying In An Airbnb With This Guy. 5 Star Experience

Image credits: technical_greek

At Our Airbnb The Owner Had Already Gone To Bed So This Hospitality Dog Greated Us At The Door Like This, No Growling, Just Welcoming Love.

Image credits: ClandestineUs

Spanish Airbnb Doggo Highlight Of The Trip So Far, Ear Scritches Are His Favourite.

Image credits: Mojoint

My Airbnb Comes With It’s Own Drug Sniffing Dog.

Image credits: imgur.com

The maine coon of my airbnb host in Barcelona striking a pose

Image credits: imgur.com

This Kitten In My Airbnb Loves Me

Image credits: xMeepxx

This Cat At My Airbnb Is Super Cuddly But Harsh On The Eyes

Image credits: btuk

Made A New Friend At The Airbnb I’m Staying In

Image credits: TangoJager

When Your Airbnb Comes With An Adorable Surprise!

Image credits: unaccompanied_sonata

First Time Using Airbnb. Like Our Host Already.

Image credits: BirdoMastah

We Stayed At An Airbnb And The Owners Dog Joined Us For Morning Snuggles.

Image credits: sendpuppypicsplease

Buddy Lives In An Airbnb Home. He Thinks He’s The King, And All The Humans Are Coming One By One To Visit Him!

Image credits: peazeee

This Very Good Boy Lives In Our Airbnb Apartment. He Was Rescued From The Beach By Its Owners A Few Days Ago. He Is Such A Heartthrob.

Image credits: isinoni

This Nice Kitty Walked Into My Airbnb, So Naturally I Had A Photo Shoot With Her.

Image credits: lafontainee

This Good Girl At The Airbnb Were Staying At.

Image credits: 54ncho

These Cuties Came With Our Airbnb In Chile

Image credits: covertmissiongirl

Our Airbnb Has Some Great Extra Amenities.

Image credits: gerenh

Staying In An Italian Airbnb And Woke Up To This Furry New Guest. 5 Stars.

Image credits: buttersquash23

My Airbnb Buddy In Florida!

Image credits: Acaliff

Airbnb Cat Demanded To Drink From The Tap!

Image credits: edmuli

Cat I Met At An Airbnb. I Swear She Liked It.

Image credits: Feeling_Pretty

This Little Stray Cat Showed Up At Our Airbnb Door Yesterday, She Hasn’t Left Us Ever Since.

Image credits: paltypus

Found This Dood Near My Airbnb

Image credits: suicide_donkey

This Guy Was Waiting For Me Outside My Airbnb. He Stared At Me Like This Until I Left.

Image credits: anathemeta

This Cat Who Lives In The Garden At My Airbnb Quickly Adopted Me And Follows Me Everywhere. Meet Kitty Sanchez.

Image credits: Rockinrobin824

You Know You’ve Picked The Right Airbnb To Stay In When You Walk In And See This Guy

Image credits: thecranberrie

Local Dog Pretends He’s Cold And Lost To Get Pets From Airbnb Guests. Best.airbnb.ever.

Image credits: madeyoulooktwice

Our London Airbnb Also Came With An Unexpected Guest. Say Hello To The Door-Dog Sasha!

Image credits: Acosmictaco

Unexpected Purrk Of Our Airbnb

Image credits: staplerinjelle

Reddit Meet Jack. My Airbnb Host’s 13yo Terrier. Jack Lives Next Door But Used To Live Here. He Adorably Barks At The Door Blindly Once A Day Or So.

Image credits: hcazualcc

I Made A Friend Named Mewcifer At My Airbnb

Image credits: JamesKPolk-on

Meet Bright, Blue-Eyed Koda. An Extroverted Husky Who Walked Down The Hill On His Own To Our Airbnb At Lake Tahoe To Become A Permanent Porch Pup!

Image credits: DireWolf25

Rescued From The Street 16 Years Ago. Meet Poochi My Airbnb Cuddle Buddy.

Image credits: PsychoticScum

The Airbnb My Fiance And I Stayed At Had Cats.

Image credits: LiamConnor

This Guy Came With Our Airbnb

Image credits: ThrustfulBonzai

Our Japan Airbnb Had The Goodest And Most Photogenic Of Doggos. This Little Missy Is Parfait.

Image credits: PHY_sics

This Is Belle. One Special Goat Friend At Our Airbnb (Our Host Assured Us She’s Fine)

Image credits: missusrobins

My Airbnb Had A Kitty! They Told Us To Keep The Door Closed So He Wouldn’t Bother Us But I Very Much Wanted To Be Bothered.

Image credits: iknowallmyabcs

Was Greeted By This Stripey Child At My Airbnb. I Let Him In The Gate For Snuggles And Then He Went On His Way

Image credits: meowpal33

Best Airbnb Experience

Image credits: Lukalumi

After 4 Days Of Searching, I Finally Got A Shot Of The Amazing Beast Which Has Been Stalking Around My Airbnb In Budapest. Reddit, Meet Sneaky Little Bugger.

Image credits: malak_oz

Our Friendly Airbnb Host

Image credits: im_overthinking_it

When Your Airbnb Comes With A Cat

Image credits: GallowBoob

Stayed At An Airbnb In Portland. It Was This Doggos Job (If Requested By The Guests) To Keep Us Company While We Were In During The Day. Just Had To Call Her Down To Our Floor Of The House. 5 Stars.

Image credits: thiccasssocks

My Dad Sent Me This “Very Ugly But So So Sweet” Kitty From His Airbnb In Hawaii. Her Name Is Agnes.

Image credits: aceparote

Staying At An Airbnb In Italy And Woke Up To An Unexpected Guest

Image credits: buttersquash23

My Airbnb Came With Bonus Good Boy

Image credits: samkate13

Those Chubby Cheeks. The Cat At An Airbnb I Stayed At.

Image credits: angrytwerker

My Airbnb Came With A Free Blep!

Image credits: ChronicNorovirus

I Was Pleasantly Surprised To Find Out We Have A Cat At Our Barcelona Airbnb!

Image credits: duckydaring

Found These Shy Little Ewoks At An Airbnb Last Weekend!

Image credits: sashcardi

Our Airbnb Comes With Its Own Cat From Next Door. He’s Amazing.

Image credits: ahrimaniac

My Airbnb Buddy Will Be Missed, His Name Is Pika

Image credits: kosmic69

Got A Wee Visitor At My Airbnb Apartment In Venice, Dunno Whether It’s Allowed But I’m Feeling Lucky X

Image credits: Schnappiwang

The Dogs At My Mom’s Airbnb

Image credits: serginge

Waking Up To This Guy Every Morning At My Airbnb

Image credits: erik5

Our Airbnb Assistant, Stops By For The Extra Rubs And Pets

Image credits: kubanishku

Mini Floof Still In Bloom At My Airbnb Giving Me Kisses Even Though We Meet Thirty Seconds Prior

Image credits: RestingBitFace

This Goober Tackled Me At My Airbnb

Image credits: altonbrownfan

A Cat Came In And Gets Herself Cozy At Our Airbnb Stay

Image credits: nennenball

The Airbnb I Am Staying In Has One Of The Most Mellow Cats Around

Image credits: ggmclean

My Girlfriend Took This Photo Of A Kitten Outside Our Airbnb; He’s Picture Perfect

Image credits: Hightower40

This Sweet Boy Benny Greeted Us With His Teddy Bear When We Got To Our Air Bnb

Image credits: cdc420

Met This Stray In Italy At An Air Bnb In The Middle Of The Amalfi Coast. She Ate Some Of Our Yogurt At Breakfast. So We Named Her Breakfast.

Image credits: kitty_kuddles

When Your Air Bnb Has Kittens Instant 5 Stars

Image credits: SARAHSEI

The Air Bnb Im Staying At Has This Adorable Cat.

Image credits: inulover1

This Kitten Is My Air Bnb Host And I’m More Than Ok With That

Image credits: sharksaresogood

My Nay-Bors At The Air Bnb I’m Staying At

Image credits: putmyneckinanoose

My Air Bnb Came With A Surprise Amenity!

Image credits: FlacidPanda

Found This Cutie During My Air Bnb Stay.

Image credits: Clyne2112

Arrived At My Air Bnb For The Night And Made Friends With The Cat, Turns Out He Doesn’t Even Live Here!

Image credits: BitOfAWindUp

The Host At Our Airbnb Has The Most Talkative Cat.

Image credits: reddit.com

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