[Trending] 6-Year-Old Girl Wants To Dress Up As An Old Rich Lady For Kindergarten, Her Mom Delivers

Nothing cracks people up more than kids who look like senior citizens. This is probably one of the reasons we like to use the aging app on c...

Nothing cracks people up more than kids who look like senior citizens. This is probably one of the reasons we like to use the aging app on children so much – because they look both creepy and hilarious! But recently this 6-year-old took it to a whole new level – her dad shared photos of the girl looking like an old rich lady from New York (some say she resembles Yetta Rosenberg from the classic TV show ‘The Nanny’). We think that she definitely nailed it! The dad told Bored Panda that out of the all options of old ladies’ looks presented for her, she liked Yetta’s the most. He also added: “Her friends and teachers loved it, she got a lot of attention in class that day. The cafeteria ladies were obsessed with her, and her friends were all gathered around her first thing in the morning like she was a zoo exhibit.”

“My kid wanted to be 100 years old for her 100th day of kindergarten”

Image credits: LeCrushinator

The whole look was extremely well thought-out – she had her flashy (and, of course, expensive) jewelry on, as well as cat eye glasses decorated with some fancy pearls.

“My wife and mother-in-law get the credit for this one, they did all the work”

Image credits: LeCrushinator

The outfit was complimented with a classic old lady’s make-up look (bright blue eye shadow and rosy cheeks) and a nice hairstyle (according to the dad, they colored it with the special hairspray).

“She did attempt an old lady voice, it could use some work though”

Image credits: LeCrushinator

The dad posted the photos on Reddit and it instantly received a lot of attention. Some important questions were asked, like: “How many sugar packets does she have in her pocket?” to which the father replied “Some sugar packets, a couple of Werther’s Originals, and some of those strawberry candies that every old person keeps in their house.”

“My wife thought it was funny and asked me to post this, so here we are”

Image credits: LeCrushinator

Another person noted: “Soooo cute! How funny would it be if she ends up looking like this when she’s old?” The dad simply replied: “Hopefully she’ll be taller.”

Here she is – the real 6-year-old without her makeup and glasses

Image credits: LeCrushinator

Her dad revealed to Bored Panda: “She does like costumes from time to time, especially for Halloween. This last Halloween she was a genie floating on a magic carpet. The carpet was made to look like it was floating and look like she was sitting on it.”

“When she was 3, she decided on Princess Darth Vader and she wanted us to dress up like mommy Vader and daddy Vader for Halloween”

People were absolutely loving the idea and thought it was hilarious

Source: BoredPanda


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