Crayon Shin-Chan’s Spinoff “Super Shiro” Soon to be Released

The Animated series of Yoshito Usui will get a spinoff titled “Super Shiro.” The production companies Turner Asia Pacific and TV Asahi revea...

The Animated series of Yoshito Usui will get a spinoff titled “Super Shiro.” The production companies Turner Asia Pacific and TV Asahi revealed on Monday that the series will comprise of 48 episodes, and each episode will be five and a half minutes.

The Turner Broadcasting System’s Asian branch, Turner Asia Pacific and a Japanese television network, TV Asahi, announced that they will collaborate for the Japanese animated series. According to the American media company, the series has a sizeable investment from the Turner Asia Pacific. The deal between the two broadcasters was disclosed last week at the Kidscreen Summit Conference in Miami.

The anime series is inspired by Yoshito Usui’s “Crayon Shin-Chan,” which is a story of a five year Shinnosuke ‘Shin” Nohara and his fun experiences. The other characters include his parents, baby sister, dog, neighbors, and his friends.

“Crayon Shin-Chan” was released in 1990 in a Japanese magazine, the Weekly Manga Action. It was published by a Japanese publishing company Futabasha. Mitsuru directed the original series until 1996 when Keiichi Hara took his place and directed the series until 2004. In 1994, the creators of the series intended to end it and bring back the Umeboshi Denka in its place. However, the public’s high demand for the series on TV Asahi made the creators change their decision to let it keep running. However, after the death of the author, the series stopped airing on September 11, 2009. In summer of 2010, the adaptation of the original series premiered under the name “New Crayon Shin-Chan.”

The show gained massive popularity and was dubbed in 30 languages. So far, it has been distributed in 45 countries around the world. The show has been airing since the year 1992 and has sold over 100 million copies since its inception.

In the adaptation, the audience will be amused by Nohara’s family dog Shiro and his adventures to save the world with his superpowers. The series is likely to be released in 2020. The anime will be distributed across Turner Kids’ channels Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Pogo under the production of TV Asahi and Turner the Asia Pacific.

The director of the Turner Asia Pacific states that the collaboration of the two companies is evidence of the efforts made by both broadcasting companies to create quality local IP, and he said it’s the next step in this company’s long-term relationship with TV Asahi. The creators are confident that the new spinoff will be loved by the audience just like its prequels.

The anime series will have Masaaki Yuasa as the Executive Director. He’s famous for his work in Food Chain Episode on the Cartoon Network. He also won the Cristal Award at the “Annecy International Animation Film Festival” in 2017 and the award for ‘Animation of the Year’ in the 41st Japan Academy.

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