[Trending] This Woman Didn’t Want To Lose Her AirPods, So She Turned Them Into ‘Airings’

You all know very well that Bored Panda loves creative people and innovative ideas. Well, we now have the pleasure of introducing you to Gab...

You all know very well that Bored Panda loves creative people and innovative ideas. Well, we now have the pleasure of introducing you to Gabrielle Reilly – a 22-year-old from Virginia, who came up with a stylish and incredibly practical idea – Airpod earrings. The young designer-in-the-making explained to Bored Panda that jewelry isn’t her only passion: “I’m a paralegal currently. I want to go to grad school, so I am going to quit in the near future.” When asked, whether she’s thinking about making the earrings full time, she said: “I would never only make Airpod earrings, I started selling them because I plan on making more jewelry (which I’m super excited for).” We’re as equally as excited!

This 22-year-old from Virginia – Gabrielle Reilly – just made headlines for coming up with a creative new idea for the Apple Airpods

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For those not in the know, AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which were released by Apple back in 2016. However, these earbuds have one big downside to them – they’re easy to lose. Gabrielle told Bored Panda: “I’ve been thinking about earrings ever since I got them – I’m so scared I’m going to lose the AirPods. I’m not the kind of person who loses earphones easily, but my tragus earring tends to push out earphones. I think that scared me the most. But I needed AirPods because my cat kept chewing through all my wired ones. I made a necklace to attach them to at first, and since I already had that, making earrings was a natural next step.”

The Airings, as Gabrielle named them, quickly went viral and people were praising them not only for their functionality but the style, as well

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“I have received more orders than I expected,” Gabrielle shared with Bored Panda. “Media exposure definitely helped, which I am grateful for.”

An online store where you can buy the Airings, is now up and running and you can get them for $20

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The designer of the earrings lets their customers choose the color of connector and metal, type and even the length of them. She also does custom orders, which you can pre-order by specifying your needs via email.

The well-constructed earrings are detachable, so you don’t have to worry about charging the AirPods

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When asked about where the inspiration for the ingenious design came from, Gabrielle gave a shout out to her mother: “My mom is a super DIY person. We have always made our own clothing pieces, jewelry, and a lot of random things from stickers to purse inserts. So I definitely owe all of this to her!”

Many people are loving the idea and some even joked that the Airings is the only reason they’d want to buy AirPods

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