[Trending] Someone Finds Out That If You Take A Selfie Through A Toilet Roll Tube You’ll Look Like The Moon, Hilarity Ensues

Welcome to the internet, the only place you’ll see people walking in pigeon shoes and Keanu Reeves… doing things . This time, we’ve got som...

Welcome to the internet, the only place you’ll see people walking in pigeon shoes and Keanu Reeves… doing things. This time, we’ve got something special for you, a craze first started by Nathan Knight, after he submitted an image of himself as the ‘moon’ to Twitter account @TwopTwips. Nathan even included an explanation of how he achieved this incredible look. “Convince people you are a moon by taking all your selfies through a toilet roll centre,” he wrote. Since then, people have been obsessed with it, thrusting toilet humor into the stratosphere. Scroll down to check out the fun they’re having with it.

Take a selfie through a toilet roll tube and pretend you’re the moon


Image credits: JokeInks

I took a selfie through a roll of toilet paper and I look like the moon. Creativity and laughter! Try it!

Image credits: cedarwingwax

Moon selfie

Image credits: Unknown

Take a selfie through a toilet paper roll and make yourself the moon

Image credits: BeThevanh

Alien Moon

2019 is going to be MY year

Image credits: gavlord

I Can Be Your Moonlight, Baby

Image credits: Unknown

es I’m a grown woman & made myself late 4 work this mornin tryin this 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyone who knows me knows I’m a moon lover so had 2b done

Image credits: MZAMOJO

Today I learned that if you take a selfie through a toilet roll tube, you can pretend you’re the moon

Image credits: sehnaoui

Hahaha if you take a selfie through a roll of toilet paper you look like a stupid moon

Image credits: peggoins

my moonface is for Lunar Mission One! Pretend to be the moon – take a selfie through toilet roll

Image credits: CalComms

take a selfie through a toilet paper roll. n pretend you’re the moon

Image credits: bobby3eb

Take a selfie through a toilet roll tube so that you look like the moon😂

Image credits: GavinLee_lewis

I don’t get it

Image credits: Janine Corbin

It’s a full moon out tonight.

Image credits: Brittani Michele

My cat is 110% done with my ****

Image credits: Ché Koster

moon selfie

Image credits: Kathleen Merz

Pretttty sure my cats gonna smother me in my sleep.

Image credits: Hollie Smith Morris

can y’all include a tutorial in your next article

Image credits: Bethany Aslinger-Haley

I love this trend

Image credits: Garrett Ann Riley

Pretty moon

Image credits: Kari Pagles

It doesn’t help that my dog is scared of the toilet paper roll

Image credits: Katie Midgley

Who knew that I am at my most beautiful as the moon?!

Image credits: Carroll Mcdonald

I did this a few months ago when my baby was sleeping!! 😍

Image credits: Heidi Malander

Moon selfie

Image credits: John Marfal

I had a whole entire post dedicated to this on my page and I failed miserably. I still cannot do this ****

Image credits: Kristen Lynn

Well now this is why I keep you guys around. Good work.

Image credits: Derek J Farman

This is by far, one of the dumbest things I’ve seen thus far in 2019, which means I obviously had to do it. It also took me a solid 20 times to master.

Image credits: Kate Porter

Well this was my best one lol

Image credits: Jaclynn Maguire

She is so tired of my ****😂

Image credits: Emma Louise Christian

Good thing i read this while on the toilet. How convenient.

Image credits: Briana Bmoney Underdahl

My JoJo wasn’t impressed. He stuck his tongue out at me

Image credits: Susan Craner

I like this better 😂 my dog through a bone

Image credits: Hollie Decker

I did my cat Atreyu couple months ago.

Image credits: Susan Craner

This took me longer than I care to admit.

Image credits: Nyki Chappell Delgado

I did the same and a friend told me it looked as if I was peeping through a glory hole…

Image credits: Christophe Debruyne

This was from like 3 years ago 🤣

Image credits: Kristina Halford

this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been laughing for a solid 10 minutes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Image credits: Adeline Le Borgne

Oh this was not disappointing 🤣

Image credits: Kim Lincoln

Get with the program Buzzfeed, this is old news

Image credits: Jordyn Herondale

We spent waaaay too long on this, especially since it turned out looking like we were looking through toilet paper tubes. 😂

Image credits: Brenda Leonard Stiverson

Better yet. Take a pic of your Frenchie moon 🐶

Image credits: Katie Fissenden

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