[Trending] 33 Ordinary People Who Dated Or Knew Celebrities Before They Became Famous

Celebrities – they were just like us, and these people have the photos to prove it. There is a nostalgic joy that comes from looking through...

Celebrities – they were just like us, and these people have the photos to prove it. There is a nostalgic joy that comes from looking through old photo albums and seeing what your family was up to back in the day. Well, as the people on this list discovered their family was hanging out with some pretty spectacular talent – they just didn’t know it yet.

This list is a collection of photos of people who were either in the same circle as, friends with or even dating some of the biggest stars out there before anyone even knew their name. Imagine finding out that that old familiar face you used to call ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ when you were a kid belonged to someone with an academy award? Scroll down below to see some photos of everyday people with some pretty famous names that are probably older than their #10YearChallenge glow-up. And don’t forget to upvote your favs!

My aunt knew Bradley Cooper in college, before he was famous

Image credits: katiehagerty

My aunt dated Ashton back when he was young, so I thought I’d take this time to let everybody else know about my family treasure

Image credits: peterson_molly

My mom dated Adam Sandler in high school

Image credits: BPearsonn

This is them at prom!!!

Image credits: BPearsonn

Just found these pics of Leo with my family… (he dated my aunt)

Image credits: lenaalawtattoo

so my mom dated matt le blanc and she finally found a picture of them

Image credits: RimKoumaira

Turns out my mom dated a movie star in high school

Image credits: AlTschida2

My sister used to date Usher in high school and she is just now telling me.

Image credits: camrynmariaa

when my aunt dated jamie foxx and we called him Uncle Jami

Image credits: mikaelakistner

Someone found Ansel Elgort in their yearbook

Image credits: ltsTina

So my mom decides to tell me she dated John Legend secretly when I was 10???

Image credits: heyitsjaii__

My Uncle is good friends with Queen Latifah

my daddy used to date ol girl from Martin

Image credits: kissskhaai

My aunt dated Jimmy Fallon

Image credits: maddyahouse1

found Michelle Obama in my uncles yearbook

Image credits: darahelena_

I just found out a friend of mine went to high school with Zac Efron. He pulled out his yearbook as proof

Image credits: CeciliaBratton

my mom and aunt were friends with Floyd

Image credits: _MikaylaGray

my auntie & tupac used to mess also

Image credits: khiahhhhh_

my mom and kanye use to go together back in the day

Image credits: ChloeeMaietta4

Thath cwazy. My mom uth to date Mike Tython back in the day

Image credits: Jordyn_Cooper

Kevin Hart went to my bro’s hs. Our hs was actually featured in his Laugh at My Pain movie.

Image credits: Anna Stellina

back when Ariana Grande and I ‘dated’ and did theater together.

Image credits: joshvenkat

my aunt use to date Jay Z tpp smh

Image credits: fuckupthefunn

my uncle Lyndall used to date Beyonce but we knew this one

Image credits: BarzdaLyricist

So my mom dated Woody Harrelson

Image credits: joaniemarie123

This person’s cousin dated Matthew McConaughey in college

Image credits: peytonntheisen

My mom had a thing with blake shelton a long time ago while my aunt dated his bass player & she found a picture

Image credits: Hayzee3211

my best friends mom went to high school with Josh Duhamel and found this in her yearbook. I think I see a mulle

Image credits: uhmhemmo

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