[Trending] 310 Epic Design Fails That Are So Bad, We Can’t Believe They Actually Happened (New Pics)

We can’t all be visionaries like Frank Gehry , sometimes eccentric designs just translate into crappy – like the ideas on the following list...

We can’t all be visionaries like Frank Gehry, sometimes eccentric designs just translate into crappy – like the ideas on the following list. No matter how many times we shame the bizarre creations of designers everywhere, there seems to be an endless supply of poorly executed designs to choose from.

The following list is a collection of designs fails from one of our favorite subreddit groups /CrappyDesign. While a multi-dimensional mirror may sound like something that belongs in the Museum of Modern Art, is it truly necessary to have one located in a bathroom? or a bookshelf may seem like a necessity for your textbooks, but if they take up the whole locker where does your backpack go? Scroll down below to see some truly odd designs and don’t forget to upvote your favs!


Image credits: nicobeporcodio

This Magazine Converted Me Into An Arsenal Fan

Image credits: DkoiSolid

Not Exactly The Best Name For A Traveling Bag

Image credits: bardell

This Halloween Decoration At The Old Folks Home

Image credits: fyflate89

Walgreen’s Vinegar On Your Left, My Husband’s Regular Sparkling Water Go-To On Your Right. He Discovered His Error A Little Too Late.

Image credits: coffeeposer

This Bicycle Path In Hungary

Image credits: Pteti

Where You Off To Grandma?

Image credits: outbackmusic

But… Where Did The Snowflake Come From??

Image credits: Lilypadwat

The Entrance To Our Apartment In Berlin…

Image credits: TurkMcGill

This Flight Of Stairs Outside A Door Is Death Waiting To Happen.

Image credits: Vjaa

This Black Friday Sale Didn’t Do A Good Job Of Hiding Their Price Increase.

Image credits: Nurrsha

This Is Not A Crime Scene, But An Hospital Hallway…

Image credits: CptDobey

Found At A Holiday Bazaar

Image credits: Mannydoodle

Please Tell Me It Says Jazz Addicts!

Image credits: 1nshed

Pretty Sure A Disgruntled Designer Is Sending Us A Gigantic, Not-So-Secret Distress Message

Image credits: kerri1510

Solar Powered But Under A Shelter

Image credits: debel001

Braille At The ATM, Covered In Glass

Image credits: Cruedwyn

My University Wishing Me Good Luck

Image credits: Chap904

At First Glance, The White Lettering On This Pride Poster At My High School Blends In With The Yellow Background. Changes The Meaning Drastically.

Image credits: DJSalmonsloth

This Hobby Lobby Christmas Ornament.

Image credits: ForlornBread

My ‘Where’s Wally’ Advent Calendar Isn’t Giving Me Much Of A Challenge

Image credits: lukeekul1234

Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age

Image credits: elgat0c0nb0las

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