[Trending] Ex-NASA Engineer Left A Fake Package For Thieves That Covers Them In Fart And Glitter Spray

No matter what the circumstances, stealing is never a good choice. What’s even worse is people stealing things just for the sake of stealing...

No matter what the circumstances, stealing is never a good choice. What’s even worse is people stealing things just for the sake of stealing, without even knowing what to do with the things they stole. One great example of such a dishonorable act is taking packages from other people’s porches. Finally, one guy found a way to stop thieves from taking his packages, and his genius idea will teach them a valuable lesson.

Recently, ex-NASA engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober noticed somebody was stealing packages from his porch

Looking back at his security footage he noticed a couple who were walking past his house and made a quick stop to grab something that definitely didn’t belong to them. Angry and upset, Mark decided to teach them a lesson by creating something only a very qualified engineer could do.

But having a great idea wasn’t enough, Mark needed a detailed plan and some help from his engineer friends because the entire idea became way more complicated than anyone would expect.

So, after six months of preparation, they were finally ready to test out their ultimate trap for package thieves.

The plan was simple: they would leave a package on their porch and once somebody stole it and tried to open it, the box would spread a huge amount of glitter on them.

This would happen so fast that the thief wouldn’t have time to put the box aside, leaving them covered with glitter probably for the next ten years.

They added a fart spray that would start spraying a disgusting smell once the package is opened. The box also had 4 cameras that would capture the thief’s reaction.

Mark even left a small clue that revealed this package is a box of lies and nothing in it is worth stealing. Before putting the box on the porch, they added a little detail – an address that said that the sender of the package is actually our childhood hero Kevin McCallister, the boy who managed to beat two dishonorable thieves with his genius traps.

When everything was done it was time for show time! Before placing the box, Mark added a GPS tracker in it so he would be able to find the exact place the thieves would open the package.

He was even able to do the same prank on more than one thief and captured all of it on camera, proving that none of these people expected to have some karma coming their way.

It’s safe to say many people loved Mark’s idea

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