[Trending] 61 Clever And Funny Servers That Surprised Customers With Their Creativity

Waiting tables is a tough job that nobody is ever really prepared for. Customers give shitty tips , sometimes you forget their order, or ju...

Waiting tables is a tough job that nobody is ever really prepared for. Customers give shitty tips, sometimes you forget their order, or just getting horrible customers overall. Whatever happens at a restaurant it is something more than a smoke break and a cry in the storage closet can fix – waitstaff need a healthy dose of humor.

The list below are some of the hilarious ways in which restaurant workers deal with the chaos that is all just part of the job. From taking a silly joke a customer said quite literally to funny messages on receipts, these people know that humor is the only way to keep your sanity on the job. So scroll down and don’t forget to upvote your favs as a tip!

Saw A Waiter Clearing Plates At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: sheepdoc

After A Huge Meal (Schweinshaxe) In Berlin I Asked For Just A Small Beer. This Is What The Waiter Brought Me:

Image credits: Krutang

Last Night At Waffle House My Friends And I Asked Our Waiter To Take A Picture Of Us With My iPhone. He Made Us Do A Bunch Of Different Poses And Then Walked Away Laughing… Every Picture He Took Was Like This

Image credits: weepy_boy_santos

I Ordered A Burger And Told My Waiter That For Every Pickle I Receive, I Will Destroy A City. He Returned With This And Said “My Least Favorite Places”

Image credits: THammock

We Had A Great Waiter Last Night

Image credits: Fuego247

Our Waiter Got Tired Of Hitting His Head On The Light. His Solution

Image credits: kintar1900

My Friend Complained To Our Waiter That There Wasn’t A Lemon In His Water

Image credits: Picktownfball76

Boyfriend Took Me To The Spaghetti Factory For A Romantic V-Day Dinner. This Is What The Waiter Gave Him

Image credits: themeggg

Waiter Brought My Kid An Extra Bowl Of Bacon Today. This Was Literally The Happiest I’ve Ever Seen Her

Image credits: goodnightspoon

Our Waiter Gave Us Our Change…

Image credits: Flyinghogfish

Wait My Waiter’s Name Is What?!!

Image credits: aluropoda

While Eating Dinner The Lady In Front Of Us Told The Waiter That She Was Cold. This Is What He Brought…

Image credits: quacklemore

Spilled My Drink At Lunch Yesterday. This Is How The Waiter Brought My Refill

Image credits: jesh_wa415

Ihop Waiter With A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: C0nnman

Asked My Passive Aggressive Waiter For Another Fork

Image credits: jbrov19

I Had The Best Waiter Ever For My Birthday

Image credits: OhaiItsAhmad

Our Waiter Accidentally Typed “Bread” Instead Of “Meat”

Image credits: derekandroid

So I Went To Ihop Last Night. I Don’t Think My Waiter Liked Me

Image credits: Javamonsoon

How To Tell When The Waiters Are Ordering Their Staff Meals

Image credits: jagershotzz

The Waiter Smiled When We Ordered Our Dessert. Now I Know Why

Image credits: therecordeffect

Waiter Told Me To Upload This To Reddit (X-Post From R/Tall)

Image credits: triculous

Because Waiters Love An Education

Image credits: rileymcnaughton

Birthday Sopapillas…our Waiter Took His Lighter Out, Lit It On Fire, And Said “It’s A Mexican Candle” [oc]

Image credits: skrangeo

My Girlfriend’s Reaction When She Jokingly Mentioned She Wanted Milk, And The Waiter Actually Brought It.

Image credits: pawnthesword

I Ask The Waiters At London Skygarden For A Photo, So They Took A Selfie Instead

Image credits: don_Mugurel

I Knocked My Root Beer Off The Table At Dinner And It Spilled All Over The Floor. The Waiter Came Back With This.

Image credits: thatcoolredditor

My Friend Ordered A Girlie Drink And Asked For It To Come In A Glass That Wasn’t “Fruity” This Was Our Receipt. Best Waiter Ever.

Image credits: lcroche

My Friend’s Waiter Asked What He Wanted For Dessert. He Said – “Nothing, Thanks”. This Is What He Got

Image credits: madwolfa

We Went To A Karaoke Place In Japan And Got The All-You-Can-Drink Deal. We Didn’t Know We Could Only Order One Drink Per Person At A Time And Our Waiter Didn’t Speak Much English So She Drew Us This.

Image credits: tnkandtummy

Got Blueberry Sorbet With Pumpkin Gelato. Elderly Waiter Said, “Hey, It’s Blumpkin!” I Couldn’t Keep It Together.

Image credits: Pamtastic

My Sister Said, “I’ll Take My Plate To Go, Please.” The Waiter Obliged.

Image credits: soapypapoose

Found Out My Waiter Was A Redditor, Tried To Pay In Karma. Got This Back

Image credits: silvia_s13

Sending Customized Messages To The Cooks Is My Favorite Thing To Do As A Waiter.

Image credits: A_Jellyfish

I Think Our Waiter Is Trying To Tell Us Something…

Image credits: Klondike307

Girl At Work Ripped Her Shoe And I Fixed It For Her… (We Are Waiters Btw)

Image credits: hipwelly

I Loved Our Waiter Tonight.

Image credits: Dragonball2729

Mom Said She Wanted 1 Spoonful Of The Laval Cake, So The Waiter Brought Her An Appropriately-Sized Spoon.

Image credits: thed0000d

Waiter At Chili’s Working Ot For Them Tips

Image credits: MyFriendBeam

I Was Drinking Too Much Coke At A Restaurant, And The Waiter Got Tired Of My Shit

Image credits: Megagamer42

A Tip That Was Left For The Waiter

Image credits: dtj85

Dr. Waiter

Image credits: aktivate74

I Overheard A Rude Customer So I Told The Waitress She Was Doing A Great Job

Image credits: SoulDevil74

He Spilled His Drink Everywhere, Waitress Returned With This

Image credits: Fe_Ranger

Told My Waitress I Was Feeling Sick, She Came Back With This

Image credits: comeback_season

Boyfriend Knocked Over His Orange Juice, Waitress Brought Him This

Image credits: 41149512

I Am Lactose Intolerant. This Is What The Waitress Brought Me For My Birthday. It’s A Bread Roll

Image credits: themoosehasarrived

I Think The Waitress Misheard Me When I Asked For A Pitcher. This Is Clearly A Mug

Image credits: wowicangetsexualtoo

My Waitress Left Me This Pen To Sign My Dinner Check

Image credits: catttdog

Friend Told The Waitress “I Want A Spicy Pizza” Her – “How Spicy?” Him – “Figure Out What Will Kill Me, Then Back It Off Alittle Bit”

Image credits: mebuddha

Hats Given To Us By Our Waitress At Dicks Last Resort – Panama City Beach, Fl

Image credits: DrShamas

This Was On Our Waitress’s Shirt

Image credits: TheNewGuy132

My Life Has Taken A Turn For The Worse, And Every Night I Stop By My Local Huddle House To Eat And Blow Off Steam. I Came In Feeling Blue Not Saying Much And My Waitress Just Silently Brings Me This :) Changed My Night

Image credits: Rockinsockstohampers

Receipt From My Favorite Waitress At My Favorite Bar Just Now

Image credits: baconwaffle

My Friend Spilled His Orange Juice Too, But Our Waitress Was More Ruthless

Image credits: novusordo

People Say My Buddy And I Look Alike. This Is How Our Waitress Told Us Apart

Image credits: kickstartacraze

As A Waitress, Pushing Our New Wine Feature Can Be Awkward

Image credits: tlynne127

Am I Too Late For The “My Waitress’s Shirt Is So Great” Train??

Image credits: FaeLady01

The Waitress Told The Chef That My Friend Wanted To Stab His Mom For The Last Life-Changing Rib On The Plate. He Received This Note, And Another Rib

Image credits: ThankUkarmagain

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