[Trending] 38 People Having A Worse Christmas Day Than You

Christmas is only merry until you sink your teeth into a soap lobster thinking it’s chocolate. Or until you shatter your glass table and you...

Christmas is only merry until you sink your teeth into a soap lobster thinking it’s chocolate. Or until you shatter your glass table and your entire dinner ends up on the floor. The beauty of the internet, however, is that no matter what happens to you, no matter how crappy your holidays feel, you can always browse it to find someone who’s having it worse. Bored Panda has compiled a list of photos of people who probably wish to forget their Christmas (or at least parts of it), and they will make yours look 10/10.

Neighbor Just Tried To Throw His Christmas Tree From The Balcony. Not Sure Where It Should’ve Landed Ideally.

Image credits: goldquest

Got An Interesting Package In The Mail Today. I Have No Idea Who Sent It….merry Christmas I Guess

Image credits: BienGuzman

Found On Snapchat. Someone Got A Great Christmas Present…

Image credits: Blizzardscissors

Merry Christmas

Image credits: MainePoster

This Morning Some Kids Decided To Set Fire To My Boat. Merry Christmas.

Image credits: Pedantichrist

What A Nice Present To Wake Up To On Christmas Day

Image credits: LifeWulf

My Christmas Present :|

Image credits: magalz

Enjoy Your Special Christmas Waffles, Kids!

Image credits: proscriptus

Starting Christmas On The Wrong Foot

Image credits: we_re_all_dead

Christmas Eve. Broken Sump Pump. Have To Empty Buckets Of Water All Day Christmas To Avoid Flooding Before We Can Get A Replacement.

Image credits: joyrmac

I Was Putting Up Christmas Lights On My Roof A While Back When This Happened…

Image credits: brend2b

My Parents Came Home To Their Christmas Tree This Morning.

Image credits: FinneganTheGoldenGod

Why The Wife Says We Can No Longer Have A Real Christmas Tree.

Image credits: stehigs321

Christmas Toy, Meet Dog’s Water Bowl. Dog’s Water Bowl, Meet Christmas Toy.

Image credits: AudsOrEvens

Got A Flat Tire Last Night Over The Christmas Holidays, Nowhere Is Open To Fix It

Image credits: matty111222

Got A Eucalyptus Tree For Christmas

Image credits: Arkenzie

My Morning So Far: Slept In 30 Minutes; Discovered The Coffee Beans I Bought With A Christmas Gift Card Are Decaf; Then This Happened When I Tried To Pour The Beans Back Into The Bag.

Image credits: sirpressingfire78

One Of My Girlfriends Gifts Arrived Like This Just Days Before Christmas…

Image credits: squanchy_91

I Bought My Dog An Advent Calender, Who Then Explored All 24 Days Of Christmas While I Was Pumping Gas

Image credits: Trair

After Visiting My Mother, Came Out To Find Someone Left Me An Early Christmas Gift. Too Bad They Didnt Leave A Note So I Could Thank Them.

Image credits: CanineTheory

Christmas Dinner Is Ruined (X-Post R/Funny)

Image credits: ellipt94

Got A New Wallet For Christmas But They Forgot Something…

Image credits: lxzander

My Dogs Just Knocked Over My Christmas Tree

Image credits: Squacknog

10 Foot Tall Christmas Tree Fell Over Today..

Image credits: SharkFinProgramming

This Dude Oof’ed.

Image credits: suprstar1072

Brand New Christmas Decorations, Dog Did Not Approve.

Image credits: thehuddster123

The Long Con

Image credits: allotherusernamestaken89

There Goes Christmas Lunch (X/Post /R/Australia)

Image credits: ManMyNameSureIsFunny

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