[Trending] 36 Before & After Photos That Prove Your Weight Is Meaningless (New Pics)

When people try to get in shape, they often use a bathroom scale to track their progress. There are, however, a number of reasons why it’s n...

When people try to get in shape, they often use a bathroom scale to track their progress. There are, however, a number of reasons why it’s not a good idea. Probably the main one is that your weight only tells how heavy you are, and nothing about your body composition, which is the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in your body. Bored Panda has collected a series of before-and-after photos of incredible fitness transformations to prove that you don’t need to starve yourself to get fit! If you need more inspiration after you’re done scrolling this list, check out these 28 Before & After Photos That Prove Your Weight Is Meaningless, as well.


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A little post Christmas reminder that long term consistency trumps short term intensity πŸ’ͺ🏻 It’s tempting after all the Christmas feasting to restrict calories and smash out cardio but really that’s only a quick fix and it’s not sustainable or healthy. I used to do that every Christmas thinking I could burn off all that food, and sometimes I could maintain it for a few weeks, and then I’d ultimately end up bingeing because I was so deprived and exhausted. Instead of punishing yourself for a few extra meals enjoyed with family and friends, focus on getting back into a normal training routine and eating the right kinds of foods to fuel your body and your workouts. For me that involves lifting heavy weights 4 times a week, a little bit of cardio/conditioning every week and ensuring I’m eating the right balance of fats, protein and carbs. Ultimately what you do consistently throughout the year is going to have more of an influence on your fitness and your physique, than what you do for a couple weeks around Christmas

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“SCREW THE SCALE, it legitimately means nothing. It has never reflected my healthiness or fitness level AT ALL”

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You know what the main difference is between these two photos? Besides the underwear 😏It’s my confidence πŸ’« Most people look at a transformation photo and assume the person is more confident because of how they look in the after picture. But if you don’t work on the inside, no matter how much weight you lose, you’re still going to hate your body. I was constantly striving for a body that I did not have. As soon as I decided to create MY best body, that’s when my mindset finally shifted. I used to pick on everything about myself, my hips were too wide, my knees were too big, my boobs were too small, my legs were too short, my shoulders were too broad. I’d break my body up into small little pieces that I could analyse and hate individually. Women will pick their bodies apart 😣 Exercising and growing my body, learning to appreciate the things about my body that I once hated has made me love myself again. I don’t feel more confident in my body because I changed my body, I feel more confident because I finally accepted all the parts of my body that make me, ME ❤

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I started this program as a birthday gift to myself and it was the best thing I have done for myself all year. January 1 I set out to lose 20 lbs. I haven’t done that. This is what I did instead

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When I weighed 130 pounds, I wasn’t happy. When I weighed 145 pounds, I wasn’t happy. No matter what the scale said, I was never happy and although I have set a small weight loss goal for myself recently, I want to share these photos in hopes of showing some of you that the more muscle you have, the higher the scale may be! We as females pick ourselves apart daily and we cannot let ONE measure of progress determine our happiness!••On the left I clearly did not care about my body. I thought it was cool to drink beer 3 nights a week and binge on processed foods. I hardly worked out and when I did it was cardio only! Apparently I also thought it was cool to have my boobs out. πŸ™„ Flash forward to now, I weigh 15 pounds more than I did back then and I’m way leaner. I have gained a ton of muscle and lost my boobs. πŸ˜‚ But the most important thing is that I have learned to not let the number on the scale affect my happiness. I know that my body represents more than just a number. I know that there are SO many factors that go into what the scale reads each morning, and I hope that any of you out there who may be struggling with the number on the scale STOP basing your happiness off of it and STOP letting it run your life

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Let’s talk about WEIGHT. Why is weight important to us? If you stand in the store at the grocery store you’ll likely see many cover stories about “how to lose 10 lbs in 10 days!” & “Lose 5 lbs FAST!” It’s shoved down our throats starting at a very young age. Now I understand goal weights and motivation to see the numbers on the scale drop. But we should never focus on our weight MORE than we focus on achieving a healthy body composition. We are giving the scale too much power over us. By focusing on weight I am seeing many girls become disordered. They can be thin as a rail and complaining that they need to lose “weight”. Or they can starve themselves thin and then regain weight QUICKLY. You can destroy your metabolism by doing that. As soon as you stop eating like a bird and exercising excessively you are left with a “skinny-fat” version of yourself that is void of any muscle. Remember muscle burns calories even while you’re sleeping. That’s why it’s SO easy to gain back. How many times has this happened to you!? It happened to me. If you saw these two pics without the weights there you might guess this girl has lost weight between the two pics. But no, she put in some hard work to shape her body and cut body fat percentage and gained muscle and weight. Muscle is more dense, therefor taking up less inches pound for pound when compared to fat. Stop letting the scale dictate your success. Focus on creating an efficient MACHINE. That’s how your body ends up with that beautiful shape that we refer to as “fit”

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It is no secret that I went though a phase in my life where I was terrified of the scale. Having documented my progress with pictures has proven to be priceless… that is the way I have able to get over obsessing about the numbers on the scale.

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Why are we so hung up on how much we weigh? It makes me so sad when I hear females obsessing over their weight, particular because that used to be me. Majority of my adult life I’ve weighed between 65-68kgs and for my height that’s definitely on the lower end of my healthy weight range. I used to avoid carbs, my diet was severely lacking in fibre, which ultimately lead to exacerbating my IBS, and all because I wanted to be ‘skinny’. We need to work together towards demolishing this ridiculous idea that a specific weight means we’re beautiful. Beautiful can be any weight. Don’t allow a number to define your happiness. You can look and feel good at any weight. If you like lifting weights, keep doing it. Do whatever makes you feel happy and strong. It’s been a difficult process, but I’m glad I’m at a stage where I don’t care that I weigh over 70kgs. I feel healthy and strong and that’s what’s important. I want the same for you. I want for you to feel good, regardless of what the damn scale says. It’s time to get rid of it. Track your progress by how you fit into your clothes or by pictures, but most importantly by how you FEEL. Remember, you ARE beautiful and you ARE enough, just as you are

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Heavier, healthier and PROUD. The moment I stopped focusing on my weight was the moment I took the first step towards really transforming the way I looked and felt about myself. I am proud because I no longer define my worth by my weight. I am proud because I have muscles and I feel strong. I want you to be able to make yourself proud too. If you are anything like I was and you obsess over your weight. Do yourself a favour; stop weighing yourself and start focusing on what steps you can take to make you feel good about YOU

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proof that just because you weigh more doesn’t mean you’ve got fat

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it gave me routine that still embodied balance and diversity

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Yeah, I’m gonna stop using a scale. She’s been a real jerk lately and SUCH a liar πŸ™ˆ.40 days ago, I started a new routine of challenge myself in my workouts and eating A LOT more food. I always thought you had to eat less food and workout more to get in shape..So thankful for this challenge and my accountability team πŸ™πŸ»It’s an amazing thing to not count calories, eat more food instead of less, and focus on myself for an hour each day. I am in love with this damn process

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The scale doesn’t always tell us the truth, but pictures do

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7 years on, 7 rounds of BBG down and about 7 kg heavier

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So I’ve been working on my nutrition for the last 13 weeks, courtesy of

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✖DISCIPLINE ➕ DETERMINATION ✖..They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. It’s that habit of discipline and the determination of wanting to create a healthier life for myself that has been the backbone of my training the last two years

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I found this picture on the left and decided to recreate the pose to see the progress I’ve made.-The left picture was taken during spring break of my sophomore year of college. I weighed roughly 120 lbs, had minimal muscle because I was extremely inconsistent with exercise and mostly did cardio, I ate like shit – especially when I was drunk (like in this picture). I was still immature at the time and had few cares in the world other than drinking and partying.-Shortly after that spring break, I learned I was pregnant. I completely changed my mindset, starting caring about what I was putting into my body, and made a plan to keep myself healthy for the sake of my daughter and me. I stuck to my goal and started lifting weights and tracking macros shortly after having Isabelle (with medical clearance postpartum).-Fast forward to today, 2017. I have been lifting weights and tracking macros for roughly 3 years now. My body composition is completely different though I weigh EIGHT pounds more now, and caring for my daughter and my family is of utmost importance to me. I rarely drink, because it’s not what I am concerned with anymore. I take care of my body, to show my daughter how to take care of hers. I am setting a role model for Isabelle to know what well-rounded health means, and that being strong is beautiful too

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Progress photos are so frustrating. Putting these together, I know exactly why I don’t post one every transformation Tuesday. And why on earth did I choose those pants for my first picture? πŸ˜… Anyways, it’s a comparison of over a year. This transformation could be done within 3 months, I mean I’ve done it, if you scroll down my feed. But the real trick is to hold your shape. If it isn’t your job, it’s almost impossible to stay ripped 12 months a year. At least it’s for me. But I’m happy with what I see in the mirror now, so I guess, who cares

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don’t forget that the scale means absolutely nothing

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the number on the scale doesn’t really represent my mental or physical health to me

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Weight is just weight… it measures nothing else but how heavy your body is

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2014- burnt chicken nugget 2018- gardein chicken nugget

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Don’t be afraid to gain weight, build muscle and eat more food

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With proper diet and a regiment with weights you can CHANGE your body composition

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Eat healthy, train hard, sleep well and give your body the TIME it needs to transform from the inside out

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I started to care less about what I weighed, and more about how I felt

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“THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY BODY. But there was EVERYTHING wrong with the way I viewed it, and how I treated it”

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What you see on that scale is NOT a true indicator of your health

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“Three years ago I decided to make fitness a priority because I was tired of looking in the mirror”

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“I’ve been able to track my journey and every time I see old pictures it gives me so much perspective!”

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“Throw out the scales. Your weight doesn’t matter”

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2 years later and an entirely different body composition. just to prove that

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weight is NOT a good measurement of progress

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4 years later… and a completely different body composition!

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You know how you take a deep breath before you step on the scale? How you step on and let the number that pops up determine how you feel about yourself? How you either breathe a sigh of relief or begin all the negative self-talk? “I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream.” “Ugh, I should never have taken a rest day yesterday.” “I’m a failure; I’ll never meet my goals.” Yeah, I’ve been there. πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️ But it’s time to stop πŸ›‘ letting the scale dictate how you feel about yourself. Because I promise you are more than a number. And even if you were to reach whatever arbitrary number you have decided is your “goal weight,” who is to say you’d suddenly be satisfied? (Spoiler alert: you won’t.)
That’s where I was in that pic on the left. This was a few years ago. I’d finally gotten to my goal weight (a number I’d set because it was one pound below my pre-pregnancy weight πŸ™„). When I stepped on the scale that day, yes I was temporarily happy because I’d hit my goal. But it didn’t take long for me to start picking myself apart for something else. I’d been so focused on seeing that damn number that I had completely neglected my mental health. I was doing tons of cardio, restricting my calories, anxiety was through the roof. Basically the opposite of healthy.
The girl on the right doesn’t let the scale bring her down. I don’t measure my success by the number on the scale anymore. I do measure it by the number of push-ups I can do, or the number of inches on my box jump, or how many minutes I can hold a plank. Those are the numbers I focus on now.
AND, most importantly, these pics should prove that the number on the scale doesn’t mean a damn thing! Because the same person can weigh the exact same and look completely different. So let’s screw the scale, shall we? πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

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I weigh the exact same in both of these photos. I’d love to say I’m used to it but it’s still crazy to see it in photos. .
I used to get on the scale everyday in the beginning, I lived and cried by the scale. It determined if it was going to be a good day or a bad day, if I got to eat freely or restrict. I used to run a lot because that was the quickest way for me to see “results” on the scale in the morning. .
Somewhere around the year and a half mark I stopped weighing myself. I had achieved my “goal” weight and quickly added back some pounds because my body isn’t supposed to be that weight if I still want to be happy and eat. Around this time is when I finally realized what the lifestyle was all about. It’s about working out hard and building muscle. It’s about eating out with friends or just living that snack life. It’s about balance and achievable goals. I decided I wanted to build muscle and there’s no way I could achieve that and still try to weigh 130lbs.
I’m so happy to ditch the scale because it’s “success” was never permanent and it’s numbers I now know, are meaningless. πŸ’•

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“f you’re consistent at lifting and exercising and hitting protein, don’t quit because things ARE happening whether the scale reflects it or not”

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“One year ago, weight was EVERYTHING. But honestly, my perspective is shifting “

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“I remember both of these bodies and my mentality perfectly”

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Weight is just a number, you’ll be a happier person once you realize that

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Progress is not linear

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