Electronic Dog Fence - How to Keep Your Dog Fenced in Without the Fences

Many people have no idea about the existence of an invisible pet containment system. But the answer for such worriers is featured in this article. If your dog brings more trouble to the neighborhood, it is better to teach him/her how to behave. This type of pet containment system is similar to the wireless model, only that this one requires wiring the perimeter of your yard or the specific areas you wish to allow your dog to get access. 

Below is a detailed report on how you can keep your canine companion in check without the fences:

1. Setting up the whole system

Installing an inground fence ( electronic dog fence) can be traumatizing, especially when it is your first time. But we assure you that the process can be natural when you get the right guidance. Let’s take a look at the central process:-
  • Measure your yard - Make sure you have the perimeter of your yard at your fingertips. You can equally wish to keep your dog in a section of the land too. Take for instance you only need your dog to occupy the pool, or the garden, this type of fence will allow it. Unlike wireless fences have circular boundaries, electric dog fence are quite flexible. You can install it even on irregularly shaped yards.
  • Install the kit - Installing the kit involves burying the wires around the active area. This is the boundary to which when crossed by your dog, radio signals will be sent to the receiver collar. You can crack the fence with limited hand work knowledge.
  • Set-up the collar - The collar is the center of correction, so your dog needs to get used to the new implementation. Most designs carry one collar, however, if you need to contain more than one dog, then you’ll have no choice than purchasing multiple collars. The only limiting factor is whether the collars are compatible with the transmitter.
2. Train your canine friend with ease

At first, it may be hard to monitor the correction signaling with your dog, but the more you are determined, it won’t even last two weeks before your dog is conversant with it. These sessions are essential, and your dog must learn them within a short time.

3. Pros of the electronic pet containment system

  • An inground fence is more affordable than the traditional fence system - Considering the conventional fence involves more than one person to set it up, you will have to pay the builder as well as building materials. However, in this type of a system, you only need the wire and the collar. No second part is compulsory and takes less time to set-up.
  • The fence system does not block the surrounding view - So true, this type of fence is invisible in the eyes hence does not hinder you from viewing what’s happening to your neighbor.
  • Free roaming of your dog is enhanced - Your dog will be able to move freely within the area of containment without any problem since there is no any leash.
  • It is effective and versatile - Unlike wireless dog fence, an in-ground fence can fit irregularly shaped yard. This is due to its flexibility to conform to any shape in mind.
Final thought

Having an electronic dog fence guarantees you dog safety as well as easy monitoring without building the physical wall. We need to send our gratitude to the one who began the discovery. 


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