[Trending] 43 Of The Most Annoying Things That People With No Common Sense Do

Common sense is not so common, Voltaire once wrote. There is always that one person in class who sneezes without covering their mouth. Or th...

Common sense is not so common, Voltaire once wrote. There is always that one person in class who sneezes without covering their mouth. Or the person who takes up two seats on the train just because they like to sit with their legs spread out. As much as we’d like to live in a considerate world, there will always be people who lack common sense or mindfulness in the most common situations.

Here are thirty simple reminders of what to do and not to do when you’re in a public space. If you think of yourself as a decent human being, most of these probably will be a no-brainer for you. And don’t forget to share your worst (or best) experiences with people who lacked common sense in the comments!

Having your stuff all over the place in public places

Everybody has heard about manspreading, but have you ever heard about ‘Shebagging”, it’s when you put your stuff all over the place, especially in public transportation, blocking the available seat next to you and leaving others standing. If you ever catch yourself doing so, try putting your stuff on your legs and offering the seat to another passenger.

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Stand on the right, pass on the left on the escalators

This one will definitely make your blood boil. Every country is different, but usually, you walk on the left and you stand on the right, it’s that simple.

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Let people get out of busses and elevators before entering

It makes a lot more sense than you trying to push yourself into the crowd who’s trying to get out anyway. Just stand aside, let people out, and then get in.

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Putting your feet all over somebody else’s space on planes and trains

Feet are already a sensitive topic to many people, nobody enjoys seeing or smelling somebody else’s feet (unless you’re into that stuff). But taking your shoes off and putting your feet near people sitting next to you is just rude and disgusting.

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Not putting your stuff back on the proper shelves in grocery stores

Just because you decided you don’t need that item anymore doesn’t mean somebody else should have to put it back to its place. Your ignorance creates extra work for the already busy grocery store employees so put the stuff back from where you took it.

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Try not leaving a mess after yourself

No matter if it’s your office, public bathroom or a clothing store, leaving your things all over the place is just rude. You’re not entitled to having people picking up your things after you.

Keep a safe distance from other cars on the road

It’s a well-known fact that driving too close to someone is not safe, and no matter what you’re trying to prove, it’s in poor taste to harass somebody by driving as close as of couple of meters from their car. A safe distance between two vehicles is at least 2 seconds behind.

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Take care of your personal hygiene

Personal hygiene isn’t something people should need to be reminded about. Don’t forget to think about others when thinking about skipping a shower or two.

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Close your mouth while eating

We try not to be too snobby here, but seeing someone chew with their mouth open is something others might not enjoy witnessing. We get it, it’s hard to control yourself sometimes, but just try to be as self- aware as possible. Also, if somebody is eating with their mouth open, here’s how you can politely tell them to stop.

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Cover your mouth while coughing

According to Live Science, one cough can release as much as 3,000 droplets of saliva, and they can fly as fast as 50 miles per hour. And sneezing can force as much as 40,000 droplets of saliva. Is there anything else we need to say to prove our point? Covering your mouth is not an option but an absolute must.

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Clean up after your dog

Picking up poop and throwing it away takes way less time than stepping in it and cleaning it up, not to mention getting rid of the smell. So, if you want a dog, understand that it comes with a poop that you’ll have to pick up.

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Don’t talk loudly in public areas

Yes, it’s cool you have friends to talk to, and it’s even cooler that the topic is so riveting that now you’re all hyped up. But please, make sure your voice isn’t louder than your surroundings, not everybody wants to hear what happened to you last night.

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Do not park in disabled parking spots

Oh come on, this one is just plain illegal. There’s always a free parking space somewhere, always, just try harder to find one.

Try not reading over someone else’s shoulder

Ok, this one is a bit more subtle. Many of us check what people next to us are reading on the bus, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re being discrete. But obnoxiously reading someone’s private texts over their shoulder is a big social no no. Oh, and remember you can always feel if somebody is creeping on you behind your back.

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Don’t jump the line at the bar

When it comes to bars, there is an entire section of unwritten rules people usually follow to avoid uncomfortable situations or piss off other patrons, and one of them is to wait patiently for your turn to order. According to Good Cocktails, “When the bartender is busy, don’t try to cut in by yelling, “I just want a water!” Why should the bartender stop serving the paying customers in order to serve a person that only wants a free glass of water.” But when you about it, why should the bartender stop serving a customer just to take your order even if you’re paying?

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Try not walking too slowly on a busy street

If it’s a busy area where people are in a hurry to get to school or work, please don’t be the person who just walks like they’re in a park and disturbs everyone from getting to their destinations on time.

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Try not blocking pedestrian crossings with your car

If you’re in a car, you’re not a pedestrian, so anything that is strictly dedicated to pedestrians is something you shouldn’t be driving on, especially sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Is this so hard to understand??

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Don’t talk on your phone when you’re first in the line

If you’re in line to order a drink or anything else, please be aware that nobody wants to wait for you to finish your conversation to order. Just known what you want, say it and don’t make the barista wait for you to tell your mom what you ate yesterday.

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Leave someone with headphones alone

If you see a person with their headphones on, it usually means ‘I am not in the mood to talk’, especially if it’s a stranger. It’s one thing to ask them a question, but to continue disturbing them is something that will make them hate you. Just let them listen to their music.

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Don’t be rude to your waitress

Imagine working 12 hour shifts, always on your feet, tired as hell, and then dealing with the most annoying and rude customers? Yeah, don’t be that person who thinks waitresses have to deal with your terrible attitude. They’re just here to do their job and leave, don’t make it harder than it is.

Dim your car’s front lights while driving past someone in the dark

Headlight flashing is a popular way to send another driver a message. But always remember that your lights can be blinding other people and distracting them from the road, so please make sure that your lights are not too bright. The rule is simple, if you can see the driver – you’re too late.

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Peeing close to someone in the urinal

Nobody wants to pee standing close to someone else. If you’re not sure you know all of the unwritten rules about peeing in the urinals, make sure you take this test.

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This one is rather simple – close. your. legs.

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Wash your hands after using the bathroom

Nobody wants to touch your hands after you used the toilet, and it’s even worse since nobody is ever sure who washed their hands and who didn’t. Be kind to others and stop sharing you bacteria.

Not changing an empty toilet paper roll

Don’t be a demon, when you finish a toilet paper roll replace it with a new one. Imagine a situation were you just finished doing your business and there’s no toilet paper, sucks, right? Well, don’t put somebody else in this tragic situation.

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Try no leaving carts all over the parking lot

How many times have you needed to park your car, thought you saw a free space, but when you drove closer saw it was occupied by a bunch of grocery store carts? There are special places to leave them, and they are always near the parking lot, please, put them where they are supposed to be.

Do not use both armrests

Long train ride? Flight? Want to rest? Well why not try thinking about your neighbor and leaving one armrest for him? After all, sharing is caring.

Do not text while driving

Just don’t do this one. Don’t. You’re risking yours and someone else’s life for a text, it’s not worth it, and no matter what you’re typing, it will never be as important as being safe at the road.

Try not standing too close to someone

If you’re waiting in a line, please try your best not to breath into someone else’s neck. This accidental intimacy is uncalled for and always unwanted. Try to be mindful, there’s a reason the term “safe space” exists.

Don’t throw something into a trash bin, miss it, and not pick it up

Struggling with your aim? Then maybe just try walking to the trash bin? Who would have thought that it’s that simple? Groundbreaking.

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