[Trending] Tumblr User Reveals Why People Love Water So Much, And There’s Actually A Scientific Reason Behind It

Many of us look forward to getting into a shower or a warm bath after a hard day, and not for hygienic reasons only. Having water run down o...

Many of us look forward to getting into a shower or a warm bath after a hard day, and not for hygienic reasons only. Having water run down our skin can be extremely soothing and relaxing, especially when we’re surrounded by delightful smells and refreshing sense of cleanliness. It’s no wonder that sometimes you can find yourself craving that sensation on a random day, or even wish to dive headfirst into a body of water. One Tumblr user, probably with the same craving, started wondering, why people have this need and how was the sense of peace so closely related to water. Well, it wouldn’t be Tumblr if people didn’t rush to explain it. Scroll down to read what they had to say and, hey, you might learn something new!

Someone on Tumblr was wondering why they have an urge to swim and have some peace, so people were quick to explain it

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And while it’s not entirely the sense of safety that our brains recall, we might really associate water with the sense of peace because of the mammalian diving reflex


Image credits: Leah Kelley

Another user clarified what the diving reflex is and how it works


Basically, when cool water touches our faces and we hold our breath, our heart rate goes down and blood is pulled to the center of our bodies, which creates a sense of peace


Image credits: doublecompile

Some users even shared how this reflex is applied in practical situations

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Check out this video below to see how the mammalian diving response works

Source: BoredPanda


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