[Trending] Teacher Goes Against The Grain When A Student Falls Asleep In His Class, And Teaches Everyone A Lesson About Compassion

Teacher Monte Syrie from Cheney, Washington is probably not the first teacher to have a student fell asleep in his class, but the way he han...

Teacher Monte Syrie from Cheney, Washington is probably not the first teacher to have a student fell asleep in his class, but the way he handled it amazed everyone.Syrie, a sophomore English teacher at Cheney High School, shared a story on Twitter of a student who had fallen asleep in his class. Instead of waking her up the teacher decided not to take her behavior personally. The empathetic teacher knew that the girl had been very tired from chores at home and extracurricular activities, so he decided to give her the rest she needed. “I know firsthand how over-full and hectic their lives are,” Syre told Bored Panda.

The teacher didn’t expect for his act of compassion to pay off so soon. Later that day, the student made up for the time she missed, by turning in the essay she was supposed to write during class. “I was moved. I was moved by this kid who, despite all the things that she is juggling in her life, makes it work,” Syre said. “No, she does not do it in the most efficient or exemplary manner, but who does? I don’t. I can barely manage my life, and I, like Meg, can benefit from a little grace now and then” he added.

The Twitter thread went viral and gathered a lot of attention. “Can’t they fire me for that?” Syre wondered, after some people criticised him for the way he handled that situation. However, the vast majority of readers praised the teacher for showing compassion to his student. “Which gives me hope, because it tells me that many “get” and live the human side of education,” Syre told.

It’s not the first time the teacher shows compassion for his students. “Earlier this year, Jaden came to me, and said ‘Sy, I have to do my science.’ He was obviously distressed and was not going to be able to focus on my work, so I let him do what he felt he had to do. He promised he would get my work done that night. He did. Their needs are my primary consideration. I have found that trust and flexibility can take one far down the road, way farther than unbending compliance.”

Hopefully, this will inspire other teachers to be more understanding to their students!

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Meet Monte Syrie, an English teacher from Cheney, Washington

He tries to teach his students not only about grammar but also about compassion and empathy

His post about being kind to a girl who fell asleep in his class went viral

The vast majority of Twitter users praised the teacher for showing compassion for his student

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