[Trending] I Spent 5 Years Illustrating 250 First World Problems, Meanwhile Taylor Swift Stole My Name

I was at the bedside of my sick friend at the hospital. She was not getting any better. A moment later I was in the cafeteria. Looking for ...

I was at the bedside of my sick friend at the hospital. She was not getting any better.

A moment later I was in the cafeteria. Looking for something to drink. But I couldn’t find that soda I had noticed in the ads.

It was sold out. I clenched my teeth, cursed and stamp on the floor. But hey – did I cry over soda water?

Yeah, sure I did. And that was where my blog idea was born. Since then I have illustrated about 250 first world problems for people all over the world.

How does it work? People send me their problems, I let my followers vote on which one I shall pick, then I draw.

In 2016 I discovered that Taylor Swift used my name, Nils Sjöberg, as a pseudonym when writing pop songs with Calvin Harris. Definitely a first world problem. I illustrated it and it went crazy viral. In 2017 Taylor Swift buried me in her new video. I illustrated it again. And once again it went viral.

In September the blog turns five years and that’s about it, the time has come to move on with another project.

Until then, I will keep illustrating first world problems and would be happy to receive more suggestions.

Scroll down for some examples!

More info: nilsfirstworldproblems.tumblr.com

Taylor Swift uses my name (Nils Sjöberg) as an alias when she produces pop songs

The dentist asks me questions while his fingers are in my mouth

The guy next to me occupies the armrest at the cinema

The banana doesn’t fit in my banana case

There are crumbs in my keyboard so the keys don’t work

I have too large calves to wear slim fit jeans

I accidentally turned on my front-face camera

Batman hasn’t used his rainbow costume since March 1957

Taylor Swift buried me (Nils Sjöberg) in her new music video

I’m totally addicted to my Iphone

The cucumber is bent like a banana

When you order at McDonalds and they conspire to “forget” a crucial component, like dressing on the side. Pure evil

I can’t decide which selfie to post

My avocados are too hard

McDonalds has pickles on their burgers

I can’t decide which Christmas sweater that is the ugliest

There are spiders in our wine cellar

I got a paper cut and now it is blood all over the place

I could only see clouds when I flew to Germany the other day

So many people have never seen the original Star Wars

I always put too much stuff in my taco

Someone is using my Netflix without telling me

My fluffy scarf makes me crazy – it sticks all over my favorite lipgloss

I have to keep holding on to the hood of my coat when it snows

Stones get stuck in my Vans’ shoe soles

Even my milk had a date on Valentine’s day

Ipad Pro is too big for the airplane table

Can’t find my Apple TV remote control

I can’t hear what Radiohead’s Thom Yorke sings, he just mumbles

The remote control to my garage door has ran out of battery. Now i have to open it manually

The guy sitting opposite to me on the subway has a horrible bad breath

My glasses are fogging up when I enter the supermarket

Can’t decide which dipping sauce I want for my fries

The siamese twins from American Horror Story gives me nightmares

My boyfriend used the last coffee grains so I didn’t have any coffee this morning

People are setting themselves down way too close on the beach

My smartphone is too big for my pocket

I can’t reach the top shelves of the kitchen cupboards

I stepped on a wet patch on the floor. Now I have to change socks

A guy at the gym chose the locker below mine, even though all others were free

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