[Trending] Fat-Shaming Meme Of A Prison Break Star Goes Viral, So He Decides To Open Up In A Powerful Post

Most of us have heard about the iconic TV show Prison Break by now, an incredibly addictive series that revolves around two brothers tryi...

Most of us have heard about the iconic TV show Prison Break by now, an incredibly addictive series that revolves around two brothers trying to escape from prison. Back in 2005, when the show started, everyone fell in love with the main character Michael Scofield. The actor behind this incredibly smart and brave protagonist is Wentworth Miller, a talented artist that managed to perfectly portray Michael’s unique character.

But one thing stood out the most, and that was Wentworth Miller’s incredibly beautiful physique. Everyone praised his features, and he was often spoken about as the ‘sexiest man alive.’

However, back in 2016 a meme appeared on the Internet that showed two pictures of Miller side by side, revealing a definite change in his body shape. What made the comparison even worse was the comment next to it that said: “When you break out of prison and find out about McDonald’s Monopoly…”

After the image went viral, Wentworth Miller decided that he was not having it. The actor went on his Facebook page to declare his opinion on what was clearly fat-shaming, also stating that everyone should think twice before they judge others. In his heartfelt message, Wentworth revealed that when the picture was taken he was suffering from depression, and even suicidal. He explained that food became the only thing he was looking forward to in his day. Now, Miller’s text is seen as not only portraying his strength, but is also a motivational message to everyone who suffers from similar mental issues.

Scroll down to see Miller’s inspirational response to internet bullies, and tell us what you think in the comments!

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 if you or someone you know needs urgent help. Call 1-800-273-8255 or go to their official website to live chat with a counselor.

A Golden Globe nominee Wentworth Miller is mainly known for his role in a TV show Prison Break

Image credits: Prison Break

Where he portrayed a brave and incredibly smart character named Michael Scofield


Image credits: Prison Break

Many people praised Miller’s incredible acting skills and his beautiful physique, often calling him the sexiest man alive


Image credits: Prison Break

Well, back in 2016 a meme that mocks Miller’s body changes has surfed the Internet


And the Golden Globe nominee wasn’t having it, so he went online and shared a post revealing the actual struggles he went through

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And the Internet reacted in the most heartful way


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Many related to Miller’s message praising him for his courage

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