[Trending] Woman Describes Her Childhood “Friends” Before She Started Taking Meds

The psychological and social phenomenon of imaginary friends is universal. No matter where they live or what culture they share, many childr...

The psychological and social phenomenon of imaginary friends is universal. No matter where they live or what culture they share, many children have imaginary friends. A bunch of them were described as supernatural or mythological creatures that connect children to their past or other lives. Imgur user Sierra’s experiences aren’t too far away from that concept, but the detail and the setting makes her imaginary companions stand out.

The now 20-year-old woman who has trichotillomania shared her story and descriptions of the invisible friends a few days ago and attracted the community’s attention. She details her childhood, noting that it was plagued with anxiety and depression. “I was admitted into a mental facility around the age of 14. During my stay there they put me on a cocktail of medications. The whole thing was like a vivid nightmare. My imaginary friends never visited me during the time I was admitted there so I was more alone than I’ve ever felt” Sierra told Bored Panda. She says that after taking medicine, she started losing sight of her imaginary friends, all the while the world around started to seem brighter. “After they left…. Life was normal. I went to school, I laughed, I played. Everything was what it was meant to be. The medication helped me so much, it made me see things the way others see. I could see THEIR reality for the first time” she recalled.

As for her experiences with the invisible friends, Sierra has a lot to share. “They slept with me every night, in order for me to not fear them, but the first few times they crawled into bed with me was the scariest,” Sierra said. But later things changed and she grew more comfortable. “It was like having a sleep over with your best friends every day. […] We conversed, sang, swam, ate, enjoyed one another. It was peaceful in a way,” the woman remembered her friends fondly.

But hanging out and singing weren’t the only activities they partook in, there were lessons taught as well. “Subterra Angelo told me of life outside of Earth. I remember so vividly asking her “Is there a Heaven? Something outside of Earth?” And, she responded. “You are young, child, but I will do my best to describe it. The outside universe is an interpretation of the mind. It is different for all who see it, no mind is the same for each universe shall change. Your brain, if it saw what I speak of, shall try it’s best to comprehend what it is observing and create, as you say, this “Heaven” of yours.” the woman detailed her fascinating experience. Some of the lessons truly stuck out as one of the friends told her ” If you humans shared money, food, supplies, there would be no need for war. It is simple as that, child.”

Sierra’s descriptions offer a unique in-depth look at the mind of a child and might make you question your sense of reality. Scroll down to read the story yourself and tell us what you think!

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“I had imaginary friends throughout the ages of 9-13. Stopped “seeing” them when I was put on medication at age 14″

“I honestly Miss them and like to think they are real. They are just waiting for me somewhere else”

She described her first imaginary friend who was both, wise and terrifying



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imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-12 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-13

A friendlier creature, named Frenzo, helped Sierra with many mental issues she had


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imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-18 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-19

She was most fond of Subterra Angelo who had the greatest impact on the girl’s life


imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-21 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-22 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-23 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-24

The last creature Sierra described was Angelo’s sister, Superior Devvera, who had a darker side to her at first


imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-26 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-27 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-28 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-29 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-30 imaginary-friends-drawings-mental-health-hikaripup-31

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