[Trending] I Photograph Men With Their Cats And The Result Is Cuteness Overload!

Hello, my name is Sabrina Boem, I am a cat lover and a photographer. I’m working on several photo projects involving cats and in the past fe...

Hello, my name is Sabrina Boem, I am a cat lover and a photographer. I’m working on several photo projects involving cats and in the past few months I’ve had the chance to meet some men who have a very special relationship with their cat. So I decided to dedicate a special project to them. It’s called OF CATS AND MEN.

These cats are their family cats or cats that these men help in sanctuaries. Yes! We often hear about so-called crazy-cat-ladies but in sanctuaries there are a lot of men who volunteer there as well. So take a look at all these Crazy Cat Gentlemen with their cats!

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Kindred spirits

Berto is a cat whisperer. He works near the local sanctuary and when he’s on a break he goes there to cuddle whoever asks for it. Spartacus is one of the biggest cats at the sanctuary, he’s a 16-pounds cat. But when he’s in Berto’s arms he starts kneading him and he becomes the sweetest kitty ever.

Just you and me buddy

Mine all mine

Francesco just loves Pippo. Whenever he comes back home from work first thing that he does is take him in his arms and cuddle him.

Roberto and Lea

Lea is a rescue cat and all she wants is being in her daddy’s arms. She was rescued from the street and she was very sick, but when she’s in his arms she feels safe again, she knows that nobody can hurt her.

Daddy’s girls

Pietro loves listening to rock music, he has his own music room and when he doesn’t know what old record to play Zora and Daisy help him make the best choice! They were both rescued when they were tiny kitties and since day 1 at home they became daddy’s girls!

Berto and Spartacus

Berto’s hands are big and strong but thay are so soft and loving when he’s holding Spartacus and he starts kneading. Pure love.

I’m going to work, I’ll see you tonight little girl

And the world around them just disappears

Chin scratches are the best, dad… purrr purrrr

Today’s special: back scratches!

At the restaurant near the local shelter colony cats are free to come and go as they please. Al volunteers at the sanctuary but he’s willing to stay a little longer when his services as back scratcher are required! The smile on his face says it all… He just loves all those cats!

Playing with daddy

Tiny Luna was rescued by Pietro and his wife and when the time comes to play Pietro is always there for her.

Enough photos, it’s cuddles time

Special bond


Awesome duo


Massimo has been volunteering at the sanctuary for twelve years. He’s the one who introduced me to most of the cats who live there. He told me their names. He told me how long they’ve been there. He told me what’s their favorite part of the park. I often went with him on his Sunday tours to refill with fresh food and water the shelters in the park for those cats who want to live into the wild and only sometimes go to the sanctuary. He shared with me his love for them. That’s how I learnt, day after day, to love them too. I’ll never be grateful enough to him.

Best buddies

Didone and Berto

For the past few months Bertos has gotten real close to Didone, a big cat as sweet as any cat could be. Didone loves Berto’s attention and being in his arms so there could be no better portrait to introduce them to you. I think that in a way they even look alike.

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