[Trending] The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At This Guide Showing How To Make It Look Like You’re Working Hard

Looking like you are working really hard is a really handy skill to have, and not just for the lazy either. Sometimes you are just too produ...

Looking like you are working really hard is a really handy skill to have, and not just for the lazy either. Sometimes you are just too productive and efficient in your job and have to fill the downtime somehow, without looking like a slacker. Looking busy all the time is definitely going to help you get that promotion too!

I have personally benefited from the infinite wisdom of George Costanza. “Always look annoyed,” he advises. “When you look annoyed all the time, people think that you are busy.” It really works! Following on with this theme, we have gotten some pro tips from those at the very top.

You probably know of the reputation that certain Presidents have for spending large amounts of their time in office on the golf course (not naming any names). In order to get away with this, they better look damn busy when they are back at the White House.

Imgur user TheGhostofElizabethShue has identified some of the classic tactics and poses that Presidents and those in power use when they want to give the impression of tireless dedication to service, presented in a hilariously tongue-in-cheek manner. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself and feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comments below!

How to stage a photo to make it look like you’re working hard

Number one: Get on the phone. Hard working people make calls, probably? All you’ve got to do is act like you’re really making a call, and boom, done in one!” (Image credits: Reuters / Pete Souza)

“Jesus Christ. OK, so maybe try not to look at the camera like it owes you money? Let’s try something else” (Image credits: White House / Pete Souza)

Number two: arms out on the desk, classic power pose, you’re working hard and being strong doing it. Nice” (Image credits: The New York Times / George Tames)

“F*ckin… god dammit just stop looking at me. This isn’t House of Cards” (Image credits: AP / Andrew Harnik)

“OK, OK, arms out yes, not looking into the lens, nice. Still on the phone… little awkward but OK. Feel free to mix it up but sometimes less is more” (Image credits: White House / Pete Souza)

“Good try, buddy”

Number three: Look relaxed. Working hard doesn’t mean you can’t make it look easy. You got this”

“…OK. Hey, you’re not looking at the camera. Good job”

“Alright this is a little too relaxed, get your foot off the desk man you’re not a rowdy teen. You brought a friend though, that’s pretty good. Working hard means having meetings”

“Erm. OK, good practice, and not looking at the camera! Alright, we’re getting somewhere! You’re actually gonna need a real friend though, or people might think you don’t have any”

“Ohh. Er. Maybe other friends?”

“Umm… Do you know what a friend is? Someone you haven’t personally and professionally insulted for years, maybe?”

“F*ck me. Alright, you’re just gonna be alone from now on. No shame in that, everyone knows it’s lonely at the top. Yeah, let’s go with that. OK OK, focus on the positive: not looking at the camera, that’s good, looking relaxed… like… *really* relaxed… like this is the first time you’ve been able to relax in months or something. Let’s just move on”

“Alright, guys if you’re not gonna take this seriously…”

“OK, you’re officially going backwards. You look like a police sketch artist working out of a Moroccan harem. Who’s your decorator? Colonel Gaddafi? I dunno, try getting some stuff on the desk”

“Woah. Alright. Feels a little… sarcastic? Like is that really how you work?”

“OK, you’re just taking the piss now. Have you ever seen anyone read in your entire life? And I’m gonna say it, this is too much stuff, there’s a line between busy and hoarder”

“ARE YOU TWEETING? F*ck it. I give up”

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