[Trending] We Rescued A Puppy From Hong Kong Puppy Mill In A Very Bad State And Turned Her Life Around

Roo was rescued in Hong Kong from a puppy mill. She was going to be used to make even smaller puppies. When she was rescued, her left ear wa...

Roo was rescued in Hong Kong from a puppy mill. She was going to be used to make even smaller puppies. When she was rescued, her left ear was super infected. We assumed that she had her ear tagged.

The vet had to cut off her ear. She was also missing teeth. With all that hardship, it has given her a signature look. Her dad now takes her wherever he travels too. Check out her adventures!

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“I think my tongue is frozen!” – Whistler, CA

“This is my treehouse. No trespassing!” – Vancouver, CA

“I thought I wound find Elsa here..” – Toronto, CA

“I am thinking real hard about bacon.. and peanut butter.” – San Francisco, CA

“Fish are friends NOT food!” – Los Angeles, CA

“This is my happy place.” – San Francisco, CA

“I found the best hiding spot, but my tongue gave me away.” – New York, New York

“The party isn’t over till I say its OVER!” – San Francisco, CA

“Do nut come for me!” – Lose Angeles, CA

“Does my nose look big here?” – Seattle, WA

The face you do when you show up to work and find out you are the only one dressed up for the holidays.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Don’t mind me – I’m just hunting seagulls

Enjoying this beautiful day on fake grass and a giant bus converted into a live band area for hoomans. City life is weird!

Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside🍍👸

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons!

Too lazy to pose today. Happy sleepy Monday! 😌

If you were stuck on an island and you could only pick one type of food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you pick? Mine would be fries

I’m mad because I was promised a sunny day at the beach but got a cold rainy windy sand-in-places-you-didn’t-know-sand-can-get-into day

When you partied a little too hard the night before and your phone is blowing up because your friends didn’t know where you were..

Don’t tell my dad shhh* but I found a way to hide from dad who’s spying on me with

“Rub-a-dub-dubby! Rubber duckie, you’re so fine And I’m lucky that you’re mine

when I wanted to be a pineapple

Trying to get that bacon crumb off my face

This heat wave is making me want to jump into every public fountain

Waiting patiently for the weekend… hurry up

when I, the Staring Contest Champion, was dethroned.. by a duck!

This is literally my mood today. 😩 It’s always so hard to recover from a long weekend… meh

when I was deciding where to go on vacay 😎 where should I go? 🌴

Did you know sharks need to sleep in on Mondays?

It’s always #tongueouttuesday over here

Girls just wanna have sun! ☀️ it’s been super sunny lately and we love it

When you see a cute boy but all you had was an accessory.. so you had to improvise..

Is it really Monday again? 😭 nope back to sleep even if it’s on an office chair 😂

Sometimes you just have to be silly

Hot mess don’t care

when I bought fake glasses because I thought they looked cool.. but now I used to to hide the bags under my eyes

Don’t worry pups – I’ll keep the streets safe tonight.

Should I be a 🍤 or 🥐 for Halloween? Still deciding

I can’t wait for all the yummy treats and presents this year!

When you wake up late so you just put on yesterday’s outfit.. 🙊 Or maybe I’ll just wear my party dress from the weekend to make Mondays better!

when I was younger and much cuter.. which was 10 minutes ago

My face when I wake up 20 mins before my alarm goes off.. should I go back to sleep or just get up now?!

When you try to look serious but just end up looking ridiculously cute

I’m deciding if I should ask for bacon 🥓 or peanut butter 🥜.. or maybe both

We finally watched the new @starwars movie and we were so happy we got to see #bb8 save the day! 💪🏽 He’s my favorite droid!

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