[Trending Now] Young Contestant Of The Voice Teens Who Performed Her Version Of 'Anak Ng Pasig' Shocked The Judges! Sarah Geronimo Apologized To The Other Coaches Because Of THIS!

After the very successful The Voice Kids in the Philippines , they have now opened the stage to teens nationwide for The Voice Teens aud...

After the very successful The Voice Kids in the Philippines, they have now opened the stage to teens nationwide for The Voice Teens auditions with coaches Sarah, Leah, Bamboo, and Sharon to guide aspiring singers. 

The same rule applies: coaches don’t know who is going to audition, the teens pick their audition song, and if the coaches like them, they can turn their chairs to express that they want the contestant in their respective teams. Afterwards, the person auditioning gets to choose the coach who they want to mentor them. 

Some contestants only receive done turn which means they automatically become a member of that coach’s team. However, there are a few highly talented contestants who get a four-chair turn making it more difficult for them to make a decision.

One of the few talented young singers who managed to get a four-chair turn during her audition in The Voice Teens is a teenage girl named Jona Soquite. She chose the song ‘Anak ng Pasig’ as her audition song.

Due to her powerful execution of the song, coach Sarah turned her chair first and was immediately followed by coach Sharon. A few moments later, coach Leah turned her chair to see the face behind the beautiful voice. Coach Bamboo was the one to turn his chair last towards the end of the song. 

Jona cried because of the four-chair turn and when coach Sarah saw this, she immediately left her seat to comfort the teen.

The other judges jokingly told her “Namuhunan ka naman eh!”
Bamboo explained that he turned his chair last because he thought that Jona was screaming too much in order to hit the high notes. Coach Leah and Sarah defended the girl saying that the song ‘Anak ng Pasig’ deserves to be sung with a bit of anger due to its message.

As coach Sarah was explaining her reason for turning, she accidentally said “as your coach” to which other judges responded “as your coach kaagad?” Sarah then laughed, apologized for the wrong choice of words, and corrected herself. 

Watch the video to see who Jona chose: 

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