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Marriage is a difficult and on-going process. No matter how in love you are or how long you’ve been together, tough challenges will alw...

Marriage is a difficult and on-going process.

No matter how in love you are or how long you’ve been together, tough challenges will always await any couple.

Some married couples make it till the end while others, unfortunately, have a falling out.

There are many reasons why separation between two lovers happen. 

Sometimes a person discovers something about their lover that they hadn’t noticed before – like a characteristic or an attitude they’re not too keen on.

Back in a 2014 report by GMA, data from the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that around one out of five married couples in the Philippines file for annulment. 

Around 10,528 cases were filed for the annulment of marriages in 2012 alone.

Clinical psychologist and marriage counselor Dr. Violeta Bautista says that a lot of couples dive right into a marriage without fully understanding what a commitment like this truly means. 

"Meron bang eskwelahan na nagtuturo kung pa'no maging asawa? Couples just get into it na hindi man lang pinag-iisipan 'what is marriage all about'," Dr. Bautista said. 

A video has gone viral – featuring a story of how a married couple of 40 years decide to file for a divorce. 

The video details how the couple go to their lawyer to fill out the necessary paperwork. The lawyer is surprised that this long-term marriage had just one day decided to call it quits.

The couple said that the reason they stayed together for so long was for their children. 

Since their kids were already grown up, they decided that it was time for them to go to their separate ways. 

The lawyer invited himself over to their home for dinner, but it was an awkward evening. The husband tried to be nice to his wife but ended up opening another argument for them to have.

Late in the evening both of them couldn’t sleep. 

And then tragedy happened.

Watch the details of this sad tale here!

This is why you should make the time you have with your loved ones count. If you truly love someone, then you should look for ways to mend whatever is broken between you. 

If it’s never going to work – then maybe a parting act of love is all you need.  

What did you think of that heart-breaking story? If you had a special someone how far would you go to be understood and to understand your lover? 

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