[Trending Now] Read Here! Waitress Receives $50,000 and a Car After Being the Only Kind Person Towards a Rude Customer

People working for fast - food restaurants and diners meet hundreds of customers a week – from the nice and polite to the demanding an...

People working for fast-food restaurants and diners meet hundreds of customers a week – from the nice and polite to the demanding and rude.

It’s especially the rude ones that these service people have to watch out for, particularly if they’re repeat customers.

Indeed, people in the food service industry need a level head, positive attitude, and patience

Melina Salazar had worked as a waitress at a small restaurant called Luby’s for 16 years. Ms. Salazar has seen a few rude customers throughout her career, but one particular repeat customer is one she’ll never forget.

There was a regular customer who ate at Luby’s – an 89-year-old WWII veteran named Walter Swords. According to Salazar, Mr. Swords was a mean-spirited man who often swore at the female workers and was very picky about his meals.

His rudeness was so unbearable that many of the staff refused to serve him. All but Ms. Salazar had the patience to wait on the sour old man. No matter how badly Swords treated the waitress, she was always ready to help the war veteran however she can.

One day the employees of Luby’s noticed that Swords had stopped coming to the restaurant. Later, Salazar discovered that the old man had passed on, as his name was written on the obituary papers.

But what truly surprised Salazar was what Swords had left for the waitress in his will. The old man’s will said that Salazar should receive $50,000 and his 2000 Buick car.

Ms. Salazar couldn’t believe it. Apparently, she was only person who was kind towards the elderly veteran - who thought she'd be rewarded for making his final days a bit easier.

Watch all the details of this wonderful show of kindness here:

It simply goes to show that it pays to be kind. All of us should always have the patience and decency to treat others with compassion regardless of how bad they may appear.

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