[Trending Now] RBreezy Babes Slammed By Netizens After Asking For ‘Love and Respect’ But Do This In This Controversial Video! Must Watch!

The RBreezy Babes are just one of the many Facebook personalities who love making noise in social media by using their ‘ talents ’ and ‘...

The RBreezy Babes are just one of the many Facebook personalities who love making noise in social media by using their ‘talents’ and ‘appeal’. Just like any other ‘celebrities’, these sexy ladies may have won the hearts of their fans and supporters, but their critics will always criticize them as well.

These pool of jaw-dropping performers are known for their videos and Facebook posts which are considered as too ‘playful’ by some. While others appreciate the kind of entertainment that they offer, there are some who think that these girls lack ‘respect’ for themselves.

Another viral video posted by one of its members, Toni Fowler, set Facebook on fire. It has garnered the attention of many people who seemed to be critical with their latest video. The video which has already been shared more than 2,700 times and has garnered 8,800 Facebook reactions is now the hottest topic of discussion online. 

Toni Fowler captioned the video with:


The video which seemed to be a footage from their rehearsals gained criticisms from many netizens who think that the caption contradicts what the videos show

Both the caption and the content of the video drew ire from the netizens as they think that these girls do not deserve the love and respect that they are looking for because of what they do on the footage.

Watch it here:

The comment section of the post is filled with snide remarks from some critical online users. Most of them are pointing out that these girls should first respect themselves before they ask for the love and respect of other people.

John Harby Arazo Grageda : Pagnanasa lang. Walang pagmahahal at respeto. Respeto nyo muna sarili nyo bago kayo irespeto ng ibang tao 

Han Etorma : Angas nila idol oh, tangalin niyo na panty niyo tas si ateng nag tanggal ng damit puta pati bra tanggalin mo na hahahahaha para mas maangas para mas nirerespeto kulang pa sa respeto yan ihhhhhhh!!!!

Flynn Ferriol : Anu kaya masasabi ng mga magiging anak nyo kapag nakita nila ang mga pinagagawa nyo? Respeto sa sarili para makamit nyo respeto ng ibang tao....

Cj Lopena : Gustos nyo ng respeto, ayusin nyo pananamit nyo tuwad ka ng tuwad ano yan kinaganda mo na kakatuwad..respeto ba kamo..walang respeto maibibigay sainyo. Tsk kong gusto ng respeto ayusin nyo muna sarili nyo

Cheng Vizcarra : Ay tlgang kasama pa yung word na respeto noh? Respect begets respect. Try to respect yourselves first before asking it from other people. Next time wag na kayo magdamit ganun din nmn kita na lahat eh.

What can you say about this issue? Do you think these girls are really deserving of love and respect despite their social media posts? Share us what you think in the comment section below.
Source: TNP , Facebook


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