[Trending Now] Multi-Billionaire Offers 1 Million Dollars to The Man That will Impregnate His Daughter

Chinese Multi-Billionaire Jing Zhang , owner of the world's largest foundry for Columbite - tantalite extraction, was recently diagno...

Chinese Multi-Billionaire Jing Zhang, owner of the world's largest foundry for Columbite-tantalite extraction, was recently diagnosed with Amyotrohic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The disease will slowly destroy his motor functions and there is no known cure for the disease.

Multi-Billionaire Offers 1 Million Dollars to The Man That will Impregnate His Daughter

This bleak prognosis has forced Jing to face the fact that he has no suitable heir for his his estate.  His Daughter Chen is not suitable because according to Chinese law only men can inherit such a large estate.

With this dilemma brewing, quick thinking Jing came to the conclusion any man in his position would; offer men large sums of money to impregnate his daughter.  Since ALS may take a few years to run its course he should be able to see his plans come to fruition.

The man that will sire his daughter's son will be selected after multiple medical and psychological tests have been conducted. Only those with the best genetics will make it to the preliminary selection pool. Chen also added a preference of hers "I like men with big feet, anyone with a shoe size smaller than 25cm [US10] need not apply" she said quite specifically.

The selected man that will impregnate his daughter he will be legally bound to have no stake in the child's fortune or upbringing.  Furthermore, men wanting to apply will not actually be able to 'do the nasty' with Chen, the impregnation will be done with in vitro fertilization with her harvested male egg cells to make sure that the child will be male.

If You believe this story you've fallen for a prank! Happy April Fool's Day!

What did you think of that story, at what point did you think it was all horse feathers? Tell us in the comments section below!
Source; TNP , Kami


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