[Trending Now] For The Ladies: Here Are The Reasons Why Your Private Parts Smell Bad! Must Read!

Here's one for the ladies!  Let's get real for a sec. Admit it, there are definitely days when your private area ain't that ...

Here's one for the ladies! 

Let's get real for a sec. Admit it, there are definitely days when your private area ain't that "fresh". Apart from being generally uncomfy, it's definitely something you wouldn't want happening before your man goes down on you. 

Don't fret! After reading this, you'll know what you're doing wrong and you can make sure that you are always fresh and ready.

Listed by Boy Healthy, here are 9 reasons why your lady parts could end up smelling not so pleasant.

1.    Overkill with washing
Of course, you have to clean it! But, there IS such a thing as excessive washing. Here’s the deal. Your vagina has a “flora” and washing it too much could result in an imbalance that could give you an unpleasant odor. 

2.    Condom ain’t for you
If you’re sexually active, chances are you definitely know a thing or two about condoms. But here’s the thing, it is a probability that you could be allergic to them. If you are, your vaginal bacteria will definitely get “thrown off” and give you one nasty smell.

3.    Douches can be adouche
This goes hand-in-hand with number 1. Douching can mess up with your pH levels making your bacteria down there increase. Bad bacteria = Bad smell

4.    Atightsituation
Wearing very tight pants or underwear might not be the best idea, especially in this climate. Hot and tight means sweat and sweat will give you odor… lots of odor. Let it breathe.

5.    Lay off on the spice, girl!
You know what they say, “you are what you eat”. This is one for those ladies who can’t get enough of hot and spicy food. Eating too much spicy food can make your vaginal discharge higher than usual. And yes, that is also not good for the smell.

6.    “Letting Go
Studies say that sleeping naked is good for the vagina. Who knew?

7.    It ain’t just your skin either
Watch out for those laundry detergents, especially the ones with perfume or fabric softeners, as they could irritate your vagina. It’s probably best to wash them separately with unscented detergent.

8.    ASmellBump
When you’re having a kid, there are plenty of vitamins and minerals that need to go to your baby which could also mess up those pH levels.

9.    Sexy Time?
There are different factors that could make those vaginal odors accumulate after sex. There’s the condom, the sweat, and, of course, your partner. So, make sure that you wash up after.

Do you take good care of your vagina? Share your tips in the comments section below!
Source: TNP , BoyHealthy


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