[Trending] 20+ Perfectly Round Animals That Will Roll Straight Into Your Heart

What you’re seeing is not the work of some magic or Photoshop, these animals are actually perfectly round. There’s nothing better than looki...

What you’re seeing is not the work of some magic or Photoshop, these animals are actually perfectly round. There’s nothing better than looking like a fluffy ball of cuteness and these animals are ready to show it off, cause, baby, they were born this way!

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While predators come in all shapes and sizes, these adorable round creatures surely would not hurt a fly. From purrfectly round cats, to fluffy hamsters that look like cotton balls, Bored Panda collected these fluffy creatures to brighten your day.

Have you encountered a perfectly round “Pokemon” in real life? Do not hessitate adding it to our list! And don’t forget to vote and comment as well!

round hedgehog

perfect snowball

snowball hamster

perfectly round hamster

round arctic fox

perfectly round seal

round armadilo

round white cat

round cat

round cat

round doggy


round japanese flying squirrel

round bunny

round bunny

round bunny

round bird

round bunny

round bunny butt

round bird

round flying cat

round fluff with eyes

two balls

perfectly round puppy

majestic round pommeranian

cutest furball ever

round bunny

round bunny

round sheep

round comodoro

round pregnant guinea pig

round bear

round piglet

the happiest furball ever

round puppy

round angora bunny

round angora bunny

round cat

round guinea pig

round guinea pig

round ferret

round beaver

round beaver

round echidna

round otter

round chick

round chick

round dogs

round seal

round hamster

round kitty

round puppy

round hamster

round fox

tiny pufferfish

round squirrel

Image credits: Priami

Seal pup

Image credits: Keren Su

These Chinchillas

Image credits: Cameron’s chinchillas

soot sprite

Image credits: imgur

Ball with green eyes

Image credits: jordancleri0913

round owl

Image credits: thingamijig

round cat sandwitch

Image credits: snoopybabe

round seal pup

Image credits: Keren Su


White spotted pufferfish

Image credits: Steven Hunt


Round Pika

Image credits: Silfox

A ball of bearded reedling

Image credits: www.instagram.com

tiniest ball of fluff

Nearly perfectly round Long-tailed Tit

Image credits: Cherrug Nature Photography

Two servings of cute, please

Image credits: okrurr

Snowball bunny

Short-eared Elephant Shrew

Image credits: Klaus Wiese

this colourful hummingbird

Image credits: Alvaro Cubero

baby rabbit fluffiness

Image credits: Oregon Zoo

This fox

Think this cloud looks like a cat?


Image credits: Franka Slothouber


Image credits: slowpoketail

Black-and-white ruffed lemur

Image credits: Visionholder

Black-And-White Ruffed Lemur

Image credits: Coke & Som Smith Photography

Golden Headed Lion Tamarin

Image credits: Kelly Robinson

A Wolf

Image credits: moonwuff


Image credits: Gerbilya

Fennec fox

Image credits: K3RI1

Southern Pudu

Image credits: Buntcone

Honduran White Bat

round dog

Source: BoredPanda


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