[Trending Now] WATCH: ROTC Cadet Receives Abusive Initiation Rites From His Senior Officers and it Goes Viral!

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program or ROTC recently caught the attention of many people as they deemed the program to be imposi...

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program or ROTC recently caught the attention of many people as they deemed the program to be imposing excessive violence on the students. While it is a college-based program for training, commissioned officers of the Philippine Armed Forces, concerned parents are still debating regarding its implementation in high school. 

Unfortunately, a viral video triggered this concern as it shows an ROTC cadet allegedly receiving an abusive and brutal initiation rites from his senior officers. The video which surfaced the internet happened in University of Mindanao, Tagum City (UMTC) ROTC Unit, Tagum City, Davao according to reports of Facebook page ‘Pinoy Juander’. Although there are no details regarding the senior officers who conducted the disturbing activities, many people agreed that they should be punished as they have imposed excessive violence on the ROTC cadet.

On the video, it can be seen that a group of officers not wearing their uniforms is surrounding 3 to 4 new ROTC cadets. The video focused on one of them who painfully endures the physical assault he is receiving. His senior officer repeatedly hit him on the chest which made him reach for the ground numerous times. The video really showed that the new ROTC cadet tried not to cry as he receives the brutal initiation. He was also forced to close his eyes before the senior officer gives him another painful blow.

What disturbs the netizens more is their speculation that this is not the first time the brutal initiation took place on that UMTC ROTC unit, as the officer filming the scenario uttered on the background, “Kung gusto mo maranasan lahat ng naranasan ng senior mo, tanggapin mo ‘yan lahat.” 

These words made the viewers think that the abusive initiation rite must be happening in the university for a long time.

Watch the video here:

The social media users who felt disturbed while watching the video cannot help but enumerate the violations that these senior officers were alleged to have committed while conducting the initiation rite. They claimed that their brutal initiation rite is not the proper way to impose discipline among their new cadets. They are also clamoring for the permanent suspension of the officers involved in the video.

Do you think that ROTC units must be suspended from its implementation even in college? What do you think about this issue? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below!
Source: TNP , Facebook


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