[Trending Now] Two Performers Stands on the Got Talent Stage and the Judges Didn't Expect What They Soon Did Next!

The 'Got Talent' searches all across the globe all had their own impressive and unexpected moments. And yet, certain performances...

The 'Got Talent' searches all across the globe all had their own impressive and unexpected moments. And yet, certain performances were just more surprising than the others.

Although we all have our own ideas and say on which performances stood out the most, these 5 are surely on top of everyone's list. The compilation of Youtube user sexo's 'Top 5 Most Surprising Got Talent Adution Ever' already has more than 6.2 million views since it was posted on Christmas of 2016.

Although some were really amazing for the talent they exhibited, some were just plainly surprising.

15-year-old Devries and 17-year-old Charlie Leneham were the first on the list after their audition on Britain's Got Talent on 2014. The two teenagers are a hip-hop singing/rapping duo who nailed their rendition of 'Hope' by Twista and Faith Evans

The second was the performance of 4-year-old Filipino boy Vierjarige Tristan on Belgium's Got talent where he brought the house down with his dance performance of Gangnam Style.

Next was the magic act of Darcy Oakes on Britain's Got Talent on 2014. The dove illusion of the Canadian magician and illusionist had jaws dropping with his amazing tricks.

The fourth performance, however, is e the most surprising of all as it garnered the most reaction on the Youtube video's comments section.

Romeo and Lada auditioned for France Got Talent on 2013 where the two danced while slowly stripping one another's clothes off until the guy stood half-naked and the woman was left with stripper clothes on. The partner's striptease was showered with various reactions online.

"Those half-naked dancers, I think they came to a wrong show... I didn't see any talent there, and no one cares to see their privates on this show?." -?????? ?.

The comment was seconded by another YT user named Theo who said, "your right. I m ashamed to be French, when I see this. The french get talent show is really crap?"

However, not everyone agreed. Surplus Sean said, "Granted they don't have hardly any talent, but you can't speak for everyone when you say no one cares to see their privates?"

"I would care to see her privates up close and personal," commented someone with the pseudonym T Bone.

The last performance featured in the video is of 9-year-old Adrian Romoff who stunned the judges of America's Got Talent with his piano performance.

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Source: TNP , Youtube


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