[Trending Now] This Woman Who Graduated In Ateneo Is Now A P*rn $t4r In America!

P*rn stars are usually thought of as people who are not that sophisticated, cultured , mature , or at the very least, educated.  The ...

P*rn stars are usually thought of as people who are not that sophisticated, cultured, mature, or at the very least, educated. 

The public usually perceives them as “lower class people” who lack decency and integrity. However, that is not the case with this woman, who holds a degree from the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University. 

According to Esquire Philippines, May Ling Su is a Communications graduate from the Jesuit school who migrated to the United States to start a self-publishing p*rn online with her husband Jay in 1996. 

She described them as being “frisky newlyweds.” In her interview, she stated. “We were a couple of horny newlywed artists with a camera.” 

“Taking s*xy photos came naturally. We posted photos online anonymously and under various aliases at first just for kicks.” 

“It wasn’t until a couple of years later that we got comfortable with presenting a cohesive body of work and website. People started to notice and we gained a following,” she said. 

Su was nominated for a Feminist P*rn Award and her portrait can be seen at the Erotisch Museum in Amsterdam, Germany.

Su said that she does her job because she believes that the society needs her to be a “spokesperson for health, s*x education, women’s rights, freedom.”  

She reiterates that s*x is an important part of health and that “it’s good for the body and soul.” Su also believes that if one has a healthy s*x life, then all the other aspects of an individual’s life will “bloom” as well.

“When you’ve had good s*x, di ba ganado ka? You feel good about life,” she said. The p*rn star also mentioned that her p*rn is different from all the others because it presents s*x as a “wholistic” way.

The best part of the job, according to her, is when she starts to connect on a deep level with her husband—-emotionally, physically, artistically. In fact, she considers him her partner and collaborator in everything.

Su also stated that she won’t retire from her profession, and instead will evolve herself as a spokesperson for women’s rights, reproductive health rights, s*x education, and women’s health and freedom. 

When she was asked on how people—-specifically Filipinas--would react to her if they think that what she was doing is “3vil,” Su said, “If they set aside their preconceived notions of my job description, they might be surprised to see that the person behind it is someone worth getting to know."

"I say this also on behalf of all the Filipino $*x workers. Don’t judge us by our job description. We are people just as deserving of love and respect as you,” she continued. 

Her advice to fellow Filipinas who still find themselves limited by their s*xuality is the following, “Be true to yourself. It is our nature to be s*xy. $*x is how life happens. There’s nothing wrong with being shy or a ‘good girl.’” 

“And there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘bad girl’ either. Do what is right for you. Life is short. Love as much and as deeply as you can in this life.” 

Amazing! What do you think about Su’s advocacy? Talk about beauty and brains, right? 

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Source: TNP,Esquiremag


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