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On It's Showtime's new dramatic segment ' Dancing in Tandem : Nagmahal , Nasaktan , Nagsayaw ', one contestant shared her ...

On It's Showtime's new dramatic segment 'Dancing in Tandem: Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagsayaw', one contestant shared her heartbreaking story of unrequited love. Hosts Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, and Robi Domingo served as consultants as the contestant told her story. 

According to the contestant, she had a four-year-long mutual understanding with a certain guy. However, despite the years of being together, the man she loved refused to be committed and even cheated on her. 

The hosts were evidently affected by her story. Anne even gave a piece of advice for all guys. 

"Sa mga lalaki naman, wag na kayo magpaasa please ng ganun. Kung simula pa lang, kasi imposible na hindi niyo alam na gusto kayo ng babae, imposible yun, kaya pagalam niyo na, wlaa namang masama kung magiging tapat ka lang sa babae," Anne said. 

Curious as to how deep the relationship between the contestant and the guy was, Robi asked if the two have already reached the point of exchanging "I love yous." To the utter shock of Robi and the other hosts, the woman said yes.

The contestant's answer prompted Robi to walk out. 

"You deserve someone better who would treat you right," Billy advised.

"You have so much love to give," Anne pointed out. "Kailangan mo lang hanapin yung tamang tao na ibibigay mo yung puso mo sa kanya."

Watch the full segment below! 

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Source: TNP , ABS-CBN


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