[Trending Now] PBB Lucky 7 Winner Maymay Entrata's Story Will Be Featured on MKK and It Will Surely Make You Cry!

Life was not always easy for Marydale “ Maymay ” Entrata , who emerged as ‘ PBB Lucky 7’s’ big winner last February 26, 2017.  The...

Life was not always easy for MarydaleMaymayEntrata, who emerged as ‘PBB Lucky 7’s’ big winner last February 26, 2017. 

The 19-year-old was dubbed as the “Miss Wacky Go Lucky of Cagayan de Oro” and she was among one of the oldest teen participants to have entered the house. 

ABS-CBN Entertainment reported that despite Maymay’s bubbly and “kuwela” personality, she would always turn emotional whenever she would open up about her family on the show. 

She talked about her closeness with her OFW mother and how loving and caring her grandparents were. There was also an episode where the teen broke down in the confession room after she found out that her grandfather has passed away, as relayed by her grandmother. 

Maymay became famous not just because of her quirkiness, but how she would always be the most pranked housemate by Big Brother himself. Throughout the season of the Teen Edition, Big Brother played pranks on her, including the one when Enrique Gil appeared in the show. 

Despite her comedic disposition, Maymay stated that one of the real reasons why she joined the TV-based reality show was to show how much she wanted her mom and brother to return to the country. She mentioned that both of them are in Japan.

She also stated that she wished to take all of her family back to Davao since some of them are currently  not working. 
Maymay also shared that before she joined ‘PBB Lucky 7,’ she was just an ordinary college student from the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). 

She narrated that she used to experience only having 5 pesos as her allowance back in her college days, . ABS-CBN Entertainment released photos that showed Maymay acting in what would become one of the latest episodes of the drama-anthology ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya.’ 

Apparently, the teen’s life story would be featured in the show, where it would detail the hardships she has gone through before earning the ‘PBB Lucky 7’ Winner title. 




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