[Trending Now] MUST SEE: This Video of Kathryn Bernardo Singing "Versace on the Floor" Will Probably be the Most Adorable Thing You'll See Today! Make Sure to Watch the Whole Clip!

We all know that Kapamilya darling, Kathryn Bernardo , is probably one of the most popular actresses in the country today. Some fans also...

We all know that Kapamilya darling, Kathryn Bernardo, is probably one of the most popular actresses in the country today. Some fans also believe that she is one of the most influential celebrities of this generation. And we couldn't agree more with that. 

Kathryn Bernardo has come a long way from that cute and funny little girl in the kiddie comedy gag show, 'Goin' Bulilit' to the respected young teleserye princess we know today. 

And it looks like Kathryn is making a name for herself in other fields outside of show business. Aside from being a model and product endorser, she is also very vocal about some causes. 

Most people can agree that the young actress is the perfect role model for young girls out there because she doesn't seem to let showbiz stardom keep her from enjoying the simpler things in life. 

This is why fans of the actress all seem to agree that she is the perfect "girl-next-door" type of celebrity who is not afraid to look silly in front of others and who appreciates the company of non-celebrities

To illustrate that, we found a clip of the actress for you readers to see just how much like everyone else Kathryn is. 

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017,  a video of Kathryn apparently singing along to the Bruno Mars hit, 'Versace on the Floor' reportedly went viral online

According to fans, the video could be seen as proof of the actress' 'happy-go-lucky' nature.

The short clip was reportedly posted by her fellow actress, Kristel Fulgar as an Instagram story earlier this week. It was apparently filmed while they were on the set of an upcoming project

Check out the adorable video here, and watch out for the hilarious twist!



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