[Trending Now] MUST SEE: Pinoy Boxer Rey Megrino Stuns Crowd After Knocking Out his Japanese Opponent in 23 Seconds!

It looks like sports fans have  a new Filipino  boxer to watch out for.  On Saturday , March 11, 2017, Filipino Boxer , Rey Megrino , r...

It looks like sports fans have  a new Filipino  boxer to watch out for. 

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, Filipino Boxer, Rey Megrino, reportedly knocked out his Japanese opponent in 23 seconds during a match at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center

Megrino's nickname in the ring is reportedly "Delubyo", which would probably give readers who are just reading about him now an idea about the kind of fighter that he is.

According to the trusted local news source, 'Rappler', Megrino may just be "the best boxer on the planet", judging from his "nearly even win-loss record" (24-20-4, 21 knockouts).

Last Saturday, "Delubyo" took down his Japanese opponent, Yuki Strong Kobayashi, in 23 seconds. According to reports, Delubyo won the match by swiftly countering Kobayashi's jab with his right hand. The move brought Kobayashi straight to the floor, which the referee took as the signal to officially end the fight.

According to sources, the fighter known as "Delubyo" abroad came from the town of Lopez Jaena in Misamis Occidental

Despite starting out rough in his career, the 30-year-old Megrino is set to prove that it's never too late to become one of the most respected boxers in the world. 

According to Rappler, Megrino has won all of his last ten fights, and potential opponents are not too happy to be matched with him given that he has earned a reputation for being a "low-reward, you-might-take-your-first-loss" kind of fighter.

Megrino is scheduled to get on the ring once again in April of this year with a still unknown opponent. According to reports, the fight will take place in Osaka, Japan.

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Source: TNP , Wereblog


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