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In a third world country like the Philippines , most women do not have access to information regarding reproductive health. This is a pro...

In a third world country like the Philippines, most women do not have access to information regarding reproductive health. This is a problem that the government has yet to find a solution for. 

Sometimes, Filipino women tend to write off certain pains that they experience as part of their menstrual cycles. This is a practice that must be stopped, especially if women want to be sure that they will be able to produce children in the future. 

Recently, a Facebook user who goes by the name Caren Ramos Cortez posted a status update recounting her experience with ovarian cysts. 

According to an introductory article by MedScape, Ovarian Endometrioma/Ovarian Cyst is "a benign, estrogen-dependent cyst found in women of reproductive age. Infertility is associated with ovarian endometriomas; although the exact cause is unknown, oocyte quantity and quality are thought to be affected."

Like most Filipinas, Ms. Ramos did not immediately expect that she had ovarian cysts when she realized late last year that there was something weird going on with her menstrual cycle. 

Read her full post here to find out what happened: 

Take time to read and It will be all worth it.
"To All The Ladies Out There, I just want to share something and be aware"

So it's started Last week of November 2016 and nung mga panahon na yon was my "Red Alert" so basically dapat December last week magkaron ako dahil regular naman ako and I've never been delayed until mangyare na madelayed ako ng December hanggang 3rd week of January pero masakit na ang puson at tagiliran ko which is sa kaliwa nanggagaling yung pain hindi ko na malaman kase madalas na siyang sumakit even pag nasa work ako hindi ako makagalaw ng maayos dahil sa nararamdaman ko.

But January 23, 2017 nagkaron ako pero hindi siya katulad nung mga past ments ko kase di naman red agad yung lumabas brown e. Lage akong may dysmenorhea pagmeron ako halos mamatay ako na ewan na parang may lalabas na baby sa ano ko. But this time triple yung sakit and this past few months may napansin ako sa tiyan ko para akong preggy ng 2months kase biglang laki ng puson ko.

January 24, 2017 
Nagstart na yung ments ko na halos hindi na ko makatulog paggabi kase masakit na puson ko kasabay ng tigiliran ko. Since yung unang lumabas saakin is brown ngayon pa lang lalabas yung red na ments ko so pag first laging malakas expected ko na yun kase every month naman nangyayare saakin yon so hindi na bago.

January 25 to 29, 2017
May ments padin ako at dito na ko nagtaka kase kung gaano kalakas ang ments ko ng first day ganun padin siya kalakas nawoworry na ko kase feeling ko hindi na siya normal kase sa loob ng isang araw 2-3 pads(napkin) ang nagagamit ko at lahat yon punong puno so pag gabi nag na-night pads na ko kase sobrang lakas.




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