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Former actress, Maggie Dela Riva , expressed her disappointment over the revision of the Death Penalty Bill . The House Bill 4272 state...

Former actress, Maggie Dela Riva, expressed her disappointment over the revision of the Death Penalty Bill. The House Bill 4272 states that the new death penalty will only be utilized for drug-related cases only.  She wanted rape  to be part of the proposed bill. 

In 1967, Maggie was infamously kidnapped and raped by four men. Three of them were punished under death penalty in 1972, while one died due to drug-overdose in 1970. 

Dela Riva is no longer willing to entertain interviews but out of dismay, she managed to speak up.

“We don’t seem to be serious, you know. I mean, ‘yung  urong-sulong…urong-sulong. Kaya I stopped giving interviews,” she said in an interview with ABS-CBN anchor Mario Dumaual.

Though the bill has already passed in congress, Maggie is still hopeful that the draft can still be changed once it reach the senate. 

“It should not be limited to drug-related cases. All heinous crimes, regardless of whether drug-related or not,” she adds up.

The Death Penalty has been legalized during the Marcos regime but was abolished when Former-President Aquino won the presidency. It was reinstated when Former-President Ramos sat in Malacañang, but was again trashed by Former-President Arroyo. 

“I have already forgiven. But forgiveness does not mean that you will not allow the law to take its course,” mentioned by Maggie in the interview. She then added, “The laws of God use man-made laws to carry His will.”

What do you think about the death penalty bill being brought up again in President Duterte’s Regime? Do you think it should include rape among the punishable offenses? Tell us your opinion in the comments section!


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