[Trending Now] James Reid Speaks Up About Nadine Lustre's Revealing Photos

Filipino-Australian actor/model, James Reid has finally "spoken up" about his girlfriend, Kapamilya actress, Nadine Lustre'...

Filipino-Australian actor/model, James Reid has finally "spoken up" about his girlfriend, Kapamilya actress, Nadine Lustre's seemingly controversial "sexy" bikini photos online. 

The article by LionHearTV was apparently referring to Nadine's revealing photos from the couple's La Union trip from earlier this year. 

Based on LionHearTV's article from March 14, 2017, James Reid had the following to say about Nadine's photos (from an interview with ABS-CBN):

“It’s up to Nadine. She’s happy, she’s expressing herself and she’s enjoying so I don’t know why they have to stop her or limit her."

In January, Nadine was criticized by netizens after posting a photo with James' sister, Lauren, that featured the two ladies apparently "showing off" their butt cheeks. 

James reportedly added the following in his comment about Nadine's "controversial" photos:

“It’s not that bad. People wear bikinis at the beach.”

And honestly, we don't really see anything wrong with Nadine's photos. In fact, some even say that the actress' online photos are pretty good compared to some of her contemporaries who mostly just focus on putting out selfies. 

In an article by the Philippine Star, Nadine had the following to say about what James thought of her La Union photos from January:

“No, he’s not conservative. He’s actually very happy kasi alam n’ya yung process na pinagdaanan ko to look good. It was really, really hard. I’m proud that I made it."

The actress also added the following in the interview which was conducted at popular skin care line's event in Taguig City:

"Natural lang naman po na kapag nasa beach, natural lang na naka-bikini ka. 'Di ko naman inexpect na ganun yung magiging reactions ng mga tao.”

Fans may remember that this is not the first time that the actress has had to deal with online bashers. Last year, an article titled "How to be Nadine Lustre" was briefly published online. The article was seen by many as an insult directed towards the actress, especially as it focused on assumptions about how Nadine managed to get James Reid to fall for her. 

As a response to the article, James posted a couple of tweets to defend his girlfriend.

One of the tweets (from March 29, 2016) contained the following:

"Here's some better advice to those who read 'How To Be Nadine Lustre':

If you wanna find love, be someone worth loving."

The issue was resolved long ago, but it looks like online trolls are still waiting to find more things to nit-pick about the actress. 

Good thing James is always around to shut them up.
Source: TNP , LionHeartv


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