[Trending Now] A Doctor Has Strong Advice for Men Who Suffer Premature Ejacul*tion and Everyone Should Know This!

Premature ejacul*tion is a real condition which affects thousands of men all over the world. This could be a huge problem since men with ...

Premature ejacul*tion is a real condition which affects thousands of men all over the world. This could be a huge problem since men with premature ejacul*tion, who are in a relationship, tend to have difficulties when it comes to pleasing their partner.

Obviously, the partners complain to still want more from their male significant other. This could also have an emotional impact with women because most of them tend to think that their partner might be trying to hurry up. What they are not aware of though is that there is an underlying medical condition that the man might be suffering with but has yet to be diagnosed.

So the question is, what is the actual cause of premature ejacul*tion among men?
To answer that, TV5 conducted an interview with expert Dr. Gary Sy, Diplomate in Geriatric Medicine and Medical Director of The Life Extension Health and Wellness Center. 
According to Dr. Gary SY, premature ejacul*tion is more common than you think. It doesn’t choose who and when it will strike. In fact, even the healthiest of me could even be diagnosed with the disease. 

Dr. Sy said that there are many factors as to why premature ejacul*tion occurs. Some causes could be psychological, such as anxiety, wherein the man feels uneasy or even nervous. Another could be depression. Having too many sad or troubling thoughts leads to ejacul*tion at a short period of time. These two conditions would need medical assistance for premature ejacul*tion to be cured. 

Other problems include hormonal conditions among men which would also need medication. Unbalanced hormones inside the man’s body could send signals to his brain indicating early ejacul*tion of his semen.

If the man in question has had an injuryin the past, Dr. Sy says it could also contirbute to this condition. 

Lastly, premature ejacul*tion could also be brought about by medicinal side effects which is why he strongly suggests you should seek the help of your doctor if you fear that you might be affected by it. 

As a way of preventing premature ejacul*tion without any medical assistance, Dr. Sy suggests that men should practice relaxation techniques at home. He noted that you could do this during the act of interco*rse, with the help of your partner. 

Dr. Sy said that you could try holding it in for a few seconds or minutes when you feel that you are about to ejaculate. Afterwards, you can repeat the process until you become used to it.

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