[Trending Now] Daughter Allegedly [email protected] and Murdered By Her Own OFW Father!

It is unfortunate that victims of rape and murder grow in number day by day.  Another horrible case of a girl who was raped and murdere...

It is unfortunate that victims of rape and murder grow in number day by day. 

Another horrible case of a girl who was raped and murdered has surfaced online. The report enraged many netizens as the man responsible for her horrific fate was none other than her own father.

Charles B. Rasonable went to Facebook to share the tragic incident that his niece experienced. Rasonable narrated on his post that the victim’s father was the suspect. 

According to Rasonable, the suspect, Gerardo "Jerry" Mendoza, and the victim, Mendoza’s daughter, were living in an apartment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

The victim’s mother, Bliss Rasonable was staying in Canada and hoped she would be able to see her husband and daughter when she came to visit Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, what welcomed Bliss in Jeddah was her daughter’s lifeless body instead. 

According to the Facebook post made by Rasonable, the victim was confined in an unspecified hospital in Jeddah for unknown health reasons. They were surprised when the victim’s father discharged, despite knowing that she needed life support due to her critical condition. 

The sudden discharge resulted in her death. 

The victim’s family strongly believed that Mendoza did this on purpose so he could cover up his heinous crime. The victim died 10 hours after she was discharged from the medical center. 

The suspect even tried to make it appear as if she lost her life in a nearby hospital by bringing her there. However, investigations revealed that the victim was already 2 hours dead upon arriving at the new hospital.

Prior to the victim’s hospitalization, her school teachers and classmates noticed a drastic change in her behavior. Rasonable said that the victim’s friends and teachers reported that she had been telling them about the physical and sexual abuse that she was experiencing at the hands of her own father. 

Rasonable also reported that Mendoza kept his daughter from talking to his wife. He was allegedly forcing his daughter to be silent about the abuse whenever she had the opportunity to call her mother. 

It was to the family’s deep regret and boundless despair when they discovered the hell the poor victim was facing. 

Meanwhile, Mendoza is currently detained in Jeddah as investigations are on-going. He is expected to face charges of rape and murder if he is proven guilty before the court.




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