[Trending Now] This Young Woman Was in a Tattoo Session When All of a Sudden, This Happens to Her!

In a world where more is better, bigger houses , bigger cars , bigger muscles , and yes, bigger breasts , have all become the fad. watch...

In a world where more is better, bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger muscles, and yes, bigger breasts, have all become the fad. watch as this prankster plays a trick using her huge rack!

Netizens have gone cuckoo for this young woman who sat on her tattoo artist’s reclining chair, and patiently watched the artist go to work. A tattoo piece takes time and requires a steady hand. 
All was well and there was also a crowd looking on, amazed by the work that went into the body art.

However, every one panicked when the young lady seemed to lean a little on the tattoo artist’s side, popping what seemed to be a balloon which was hidden in her bodacious “rack”. 
Turns out, the woman was just wearing a couple of balloons under her shirt and was just messing with her tattoo artist.

Facebook users from all over the world could not contain their hilarious reactions!

The post by NaDaSa TV, a Just For Fun Facebook page, has reached over 19-million views, with over 119 thousand likes and reactions, and almost 180-thousand shares.

A certain Joseph said: “Was watching like, wow, shes a bad one. Then her tit popped,” in complete disbelief. Others even found the time to be sarcastic and said, “It must have been a balloon because a breast implant wouldn't have done that,” in reply to those netizens who actually thought that the lady's breasts really popped!

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Source: TNP, SocialPees


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