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I laugh at people who travel to different places only for them to come back to unleash the discussion on how they slept and woke up there. ...


I laugh at people who travel to different places only for them to come back to unleash the discussion on how they slept and woke up there. Some even say ‘I watched several channels in the hotel room I lodged in; I also played indoor games’. Is that the best you got from your travel? Or maybe you did not plan well before embarking on the trip?

Here are tips on how to get the best from your travel.

1. How much do I need?

I remember planning to travel with the little cash I had saved up from my part-time jobs. I made several plans to spend several days eating as much as I want and enjoying myself. On getting to the bus stop, I saw a price list on the wall and alas, the cost of transportation had gone far higher than I thought. If I had traveled with that amount I saved, I would not last a night over there. Voucher Slug Australia represent some great tips to save money while traveling. Before you embark on any travel, ensure you know how much you need to have the maximum fun you have in mind.

2. Back up your files

When you travel, you don’t expect to meet the good ones, the bad ones (thieves) will surely come along to welcome you to their country. In 2014, dad traveled to have a business meeting with his clients and he packed several bags. After settling down in the hotel, he discovered that one of his bags had been stolen. It was the bag which contained his laptop and the documents he was supposed to present to the clients. He reported immediately to the police and after hours of thorough searching, they found the documents close to where it was stolen but the laptop was gone.

3. Learn local cultures

When you travel to some countries, you need to learn their basic culture before you can survive. It might be their way of greeting (the Chinese do not shake, rather they bow their heads), mode of dressing (wearing half naked clothes makes native Indian women hate you). You also need to learn how to say words like “thank you”, “I am sorry”, “I am lost”, “yes”, “please” and other basic sentences used in everyday life.

4. Visit everywhere

Ensure you get to every center of tourist attraction in the country. I can’t imagine visiting Paris and I don’t get to see the Eiffel tower. Find a friend to take you around these places so you don’t get lost. It’s fun when you go with someone to interesting places so you can take pictures and keep sweet memories.

5. Eat their local food and mix with the local people

Don’t just get to a new place and stay glued to your hotel room, go out of your room to meet with the local people who would teach you the rudiments of what you need to know. It is easier to make friends with the local people than with the modern people and they have always make time for you. They take you to their farms, make their kind of meals for you, and teach you more things about their culture.

6. Don’t turn down invitations

Always say yes whenever you are invited for dinner or lunch. It is always fun to try out new meals as long as you are not allergic to the ingredients used in cooking. To some countries, turning down their invitation means you are not interested in being friends with them and that you hate them.

7. Pack the important and leave the rest

Most of us make the mistake of packing all our clothes as if we are going to spend forever there. We will always buy new clothes and shoes and other stuff we love when we come across them, we don’t even get to wear all the clothes we take along so why give ourselves extra luggage to carry. Always ensure you carry extra underwear so you don’t get frustrated in case of unforeseen circumstances.

8. Keep good notes

Having a diary to keep the daily activities. I remember the day my aunt got back from Korea and she asked me to pick up one of the things I wanted from her loads. The first thing I searched for was her diary where she wrote virtually everything that happened to her from her travel in the plane to when she got to the hotel. She also visited some local places and she even met a boyfriend there despite the fact that she was married.

When you go for travels, take the best of your time to enjoy yourself. Ranting about being to everywhere in the world does not make your travel fun, the fun is ‘what did you do over there? What new culture did you gain? Where are the friends you met there? Do you wish to go there again?’

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