[Trending Now] WATCH: Trending Mom Breastfeeds Her Six-Year Old Kids!

This mom took breastfeeding to the next level on her Youtube video , which showed her breastfeeding her 6-year old kid .  This woman wh...

This mom took breastfeeding to the next level on her Youtube video, which showed her breastfeeding her 6-year old kid

This woman who calls herself “Spiritual Tasha Mama’ has a breastfeeding advocacy which she takes very seriously. Often times, breastfeeding advocates call for mothers to breastfeed their child whenever they can and encourage them not to be embarrassed when doing it in public places. However, Tasha calls for more than that.

Her Youtube video showing her children, one of whom is 6-years old, suckling from her teat, encourages mothers not to stop breastfeeding even if their children have grown older. 

Despite the fact that most pediatricians recommend to wean babies off after one or two years old, Tasha strongly believes that breastfeeding should be a continuous process between the mother and her kid. Her advocacy is based on the idea that the longer babies get their milk from their mothers, the more benefits they receive. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends breastfeeding babies until they are 6 months until 1 year old. The process is called “exclusively breastfeeding”. However, they also claimed that the benefits of breastfeeding does not stop when the child turns a year old. 

Many health articles published in websites such as breastfeedingbasics.com, thebump.com, and webmd.com suggest that extended breastfeeding or weaning until 2 to 4 years old brings more health benefits for the children as it gives them balanced nutrition and required protection against illness. Because of this, mothers such as Tasha believe that there is no limit in breastfeeding as long as their kids still want it.

These articles validate the claim that a mother can decide when she wants to stop breastfeeding her children. Thus, they suggest that there is nothing wrong with Tasha’s breastfeeding practices and advocacy. 

Additionally, Tasha’s case is not the only one recorded, as one mother from the United Kingdom was also reported to still be breastfeeding her 6-year old daughter. ABC News also released a news article about a mother who did not stop weaning until her child was 8 years old. 

Despite the health benefits touted by these medical sources, some people online are disturbed by Tasha’s breastfeeding habits. 

One netizen, named Tina Girton, even said:
“He’s not drinking nothing he’s Not swallowing just sucking, and look how he keeps looking at the camera while sucking. She gets off on this sh*t”

Tasha’s breastfeeding video has gone viral with almost 60 million views on Youtube.

Source: TNP, Thugbible


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