[Trending Now] Watch: Sotto Brothers Remember Their 'Paboritong Tindera' From Their Childhood! Truly heart-warming!

In the November 26 , 2016 episode of Eat Bulaga , the Sugod Bahay Gang roamed the streets of Manila near Colegio de San Juan de ...

In the November 26, 2016 episode of Eat Bulaga, the Sugod Bahay Gang roamed the streets of Manila near Colegio de San Juan de Letran

To the surprise of the DaBarkads, a reunion was about to occur. 

Aling Bising, a retired vendor along the streets near Letran, was seen looking for Tito and Vic Sotto, asking for them to come visit her. 

The two brothers were even kidding with her, claiming that they didn’t have any unpaid debts from her sidewalk stand. 

Tito Sotto then explained the role of Aling Bising in their lives, saying that she was like a guardian for the two brothers for a very long time. The Sotto brothers studied in Letran for most of their lives, which is the reason why they used to be close with Aling Bising. 

After much theatrics and kidding around, Jose Manalo then took the liberty of giving Aling Bising an early Christmas gift: some cash for her cause. 

She even joked around and said, “Ubusin mo na,” in a secretive tone, much to the amusement of the studio members and the Sugod Bahay Gang. 

Last December 2012, an episode of ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ featured Aling Bising and her role in the lives of Vic and Tito Sotto. 

Aling Bising was surprised by the program and then the two brothers reminisced about how Aling Bising used to take care of them and how she used to help them with their lunch money.

Many netizens were touched to see the two highly-successful men wax nostalgic and give back to a person who helped them dearly when they were young. 

Watch the heart-warming video below:

Source: TNP , GMANetwork , YouTube


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