[Trending Now] WATCH: Son Tests His Mother's Love, The Result? Heart Touching!

A mother’s love is invaluable. It is unconditional and can never be measured by any amount of tre...

A mother’s love is invaluable. It is unconditional and can never be measured by any amount of treasures of the world. They are the real heroes of every family. They can even sacrifice everything for the sake of their children. Your mother knows every bit of your life, every heartache, every dreams you wanted to fulfill, every likes and dislikes. Mothers keep that in their mind and in their heart. Every bit of you is a very important piece for them.

There are some misconceptions which claim that mothers only care for their children when they are still young. But this Facebook guy will prove this wrong. He made a social experiment to see if his mother would still care for although he is already a grown man.

In his experiment, he tried to determine whether his mom would still dress him up even if he's already an adult and even if he is capable of doing it on his own. He began to record a video of himself while he was inside his room. He came and did some adlibs before starting the experiment. He asked his mom if she can do him a favor. He asked his mother to dress him up because he's going to the mall.

Eventually his mom picked up clothes for him and start helping him get dressed. Her mom said, "Eto talagang anak ko parang bata!" His mother began to reminisce the old days when the man is still a little boy. She even put some baby powder on his son's face. The scene was indeed heartwarming.

When his mom was done dressing him, he said, "I love you mama," his mother replied and said, "Syempre naman. Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal din kita anak ko. Ikaw lang nag-iisang anak ko. Mahal kita."

His social experiment succeeded and it only proves that even when children are already grown up, a mom's love for them can never be changed. How great mothers are. Their love is everlasting.

Source: TNP, YouTube


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