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A travel blogger named Sabrina Lavino , half-German and half-Italian , went to various beaches and islands in the Philippines and used ...

A travel blogger named Sabrina Lavino, half-German and half-Italian, went to various beaches and islands in the Philippines and used an air-drone camera to capture the moments on all the places they visited with her travel buddy @MoveGK on Instagram.

The famous travel magazine Lonely Planet and the drone company DJI noticed the video and featured it on their social media accounts.

Netizens immediately got mesmerized by this drone footage and it became viral with so many positive feedbacks.

Showing the beauty and wonders of the Philippines on a birds-eye view, all these images were taken with DJI Phantom 3.

They titled the blog post "Philippines From The Air" and these were the places they visited and recorded on the video according to their post:

Guyam Island, Siargao

"This little piece of heaven is called Guyam Island and can be found in Siargao, just 2 kilometers off the shore from General Luna. The tear-drop shaped island is like a mini-version of a tropical paradise and a magical place to spend an afternoon...
Want to know how to get there? Head over to my Travel Guide to Siargao!"

Bounty Beach, Malapascua

"Malapascua is not only a popular spot for world-class diving, it also features some fantastic white beaches and will surely make non-divers happy, too.
How to get there? Fly into Cebu, take a bus to Maya and from there a boat to Malapascua. The trip from Cebu City to Malapascua Island will take about 5 hours. Is it worth it? You bet."

Entalula Island, Palawan

This spectacular beach is another paradise in the island maze of El Nido. You can hire a boat from El Nido to bring you there. Alternatively, if you join one of the organized group tours in El Nido, some of them offer a stop at Entalula Island. More about El Nido and island hopping in my blog post about Palawan.

Philippines From The Air - Incredible Drone Footage Reveals Nothing But Paradise | via @Just1WayTicket




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