[Trending Now] This List Contains All Fake And Satire Sites And You Should Know Them Before You Click And React

Ever since the birth of the internet , it has been open as a source of information people want to know. Unfortunately, fake news and sa...

Ever since the birth of the internet, it has been open as a source of information people want to know. Unfortunately, fake news and satire news taken seriously has also penetrated the internet, fooling most people into believing what they read is real.

Meme Buster, a website know for debunking lies on the internet, has compiled list of fake and satire sites so that people would be informed.

As stated in a previous report by Trending News Portal (TNP), TNP is not a fake news website nor satire website as it verifies its news first before posting about it, respecting journalism's value of verification.

Here are the fake news sites:
1) Pinoy Speak (Duterte News)
They have reported false reports including Pacquiao donating $5 million for Duterte's war on drugs and Jackie Chan wanting to make a movie about Duterte's first 100 days. They don't bother to check their sources.

2) DW-TV3
They claim that their site is satire but all of their articles are far from that. It's mostly fake positive news about Duterte including earning praises from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and US Democrat Presiential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

3) Updated24
It has posted a lot of fake news articles like death hoax of Christian inspirational speaker Joyce Meyeer and Floyd Mayweather  agreeing to a rematch with Manny Pacquiao. Update24 has been a constant "victim" of Meme Buster.

4) BBC 101
BBBC 101 with Betty B. Cole is not affiliated and will never be affiliated with BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Fake news articles include UK Parliament endorsing Duterte's war on drugs and Queen Elizabeth congratulating the Philippine Senate for ousting Sen. Leila De Lima as the justice committee chair. Like she cares.

5) DU30newsinfo
Du30newsinfo has articles from fake articles and satirical news and passes these off as real news. Even is it posts some real positive news about Duterte, it oftens publish fake news against Duterte’s critics.

Some of it includes US President Barack Obama calling de Lima abnormal, Duterte appointing the late Miriam Santiago as new Supreme Court Chief Justice, Putin calling Ramos blind, and Agot Isidro linked with a convicted drug lord.

Worse, Du30newsinfo is linked to Facebook page “Duterte Para sa Pagbabago.”

6) OKd2
OKd2 is known for making a news about Disneyland being built in the Philippines go viral. According to their "About Us", there is a "very rare case" they may post fictional news for entertainemnt purpises. Fake articles include Miriam Santiago telling Duterte not to trust Vice President Leni Robredo and Teddy Casino barred from entering Lung Center of the Philippines.

7) Newstrendph
Another website related to a Duterte Facebook page (Duterte Media and Duterte News Global), this site is fond of publishing news from suspicious and satire sites. Fake news include Jaybee Sebastain link to former president Noynoy Aquino and Sen. Risa Hontiveros filing for color coding bill in MRT and LRT.

8) Tartey (Pinoy Viral News)
Tartey has posted a lot of articles from Newstrendph. Tartey’s disclaimer says it “makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy or completeness of the content” of its site.

9) Balitang Pinas
They have a disclaimer saying they don't have a guarantee on posting articles as they even advised their readers to do more research. This page is linked to Facebook page "Duterte Balita".

10) Pinoy Online Update
Pilipinas Online Updates’s disclaimer says wherein it does not assure its readers as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of its content. They are known for making their fake news about Angelina Jolie prasing Duterte viral.

11) Pinoy Article
They are known for posting fake articles like Trudeau saying a lovely message to the Filipinos and Hillary Clinton calling Duterte "The Man"

12) Social News PH
Social News PH’s disclaimer says that it does not give assurances as to the accuracy, completeness and currency of its content. They posted an article saying PNoy is the mastermind behind drug labs in the country. They're connected with "President Duterte Random Photos" Facebook page.

Duterte supporter Mocha Uson has stated some of these sites are dangerous to the reputation of Duterte and his supporters and alleging the "yellows" of creating these sites to put some dirt on their names.



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