[Trending Now] 'Shut The F**k up'- Duterte Supporter Says To The President

It seemed like Pres. Duterte’s network of criticism has been stretching up to his supporters. In an open letter published on his Facebo...

It seemed like Pres. Duterte’s network of criticism has been stretching up to his supporters.

In an open letter published on his Facebook wall, a netizen who claimed to be Duterte’s supporter has expressed his bitter frustrations and disappointment over the President. The netizen however refused to mention his name in the article released by Inquirer.

Because of the President’s recent actions and words, the netizen was provoked to write him an open letter that would summarize his sentiments for the Chief Executive. The netizen was known to be one of the avid supporters of Duterte who even defended the President from his critics. However, it seemed like the table has been turned now for both the President and the netizen.

In the opening part of the letter, the netizen expressed how hard it is for him to justify the actions and words of the President because of his inability to control himself whenever he is talking with the media. For the netizen, it is a tough job to defend the President given that they support his war against crime and lawlessness.

“We all know how hard the international community and the press have been on you. And while most of us are still with you on your program against crime and lawlessness, your impulsiveness and quick temper have made it very, very hard on those of us who voted for you to justify your actions. Enough is enough. We can only do so much to rationalize your actions without making ourselves look like fanatics who are only too willing to look the other way whenever you act like a thug. What happened to your promise to stop, at the very least, swearing like a sailor?

The netizen asked the President to “Act like a president with dignity and self-control”. He also said the Duterte’s kind of language is not a necessity as of the moment. He later on asked the President to just “shut the f**k up” and concentrate more on his platforms and programs. He emphasized that these programs are what the Filipino people are looking forward from him.

“Act like a President, Mr. Duterte, with dignity and self-control. We don’t need to hear the colorful language and gestures that threaten to alienate us from the world.

Shut the f**k up and get on with your programs. It is all we expect of you. And hopefully, in the end, it is those actions meant to uplift the Filipino that you will be remembered for.”

Prior to the publication of this post, another Duterte fan expressed his regrets for voting and supporting the President while citing some of the promises of Duterte before and what he has been doing in reality. 

Meanwhile, according to Inquirer, two other supporters of Duterte told them that every time Duterte talks with the media, it made them feel anxious as to what things could possible get out of the President’s mouth. They also told the news site that they are now being doubtful of what will happen in the Philippines under Duterte’s administration in the near or late future. One of them also said that there is a possibility that Duterte will destruct himself sooner or later.

'Shut The F**k up'- Duterte Supporter Says To The President
Source: TNP, Reddit


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